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  • Photographer: Maria Jansson

Diving in Lysekil

Diving in Lysekil is a unique experience. Lysekil water has long been very popular among divers. In the 50's, Sweden's first sports diving school was established in Lysekil, giving divers from all over the country the opportunity to experience Lysekil's fresh seawater.

For the beginner, it's posible to try "test diving" on Lysekils Dive and Kayak bridge, completed a couple of years ago. This is a fantasy opportunity to follow life below the surface. Get the chance to see herring and mackerel close up. If you are lucky you may see a whirlwind or small-spotted catshark. If you're unlucky, maybe you'll see a Lion's mane jellyfish.

Around Släggö, in thehavsbadet area, there is a large wildlife and a newly created snorkel-path. The idea of ​​this is that one should learn by performing different assignments. Snorkeling can be a good first step towards more advanced diving. And following the snorkel-path is both simple, fun and educational. More snorkeling trails can be found in: Bökevik - theme eelgrass, at Klubban, Fiskebäckskil information about different species and at Stora Skeppholmen - theme algae.

But Lysekil does not only fit the amateur, it is also a paradise for the more experienced diver. Lysekil offers a fantastic fauna thanks to the unique fjord, Gullmaren, Sweden's only true fjord. There is also a wide variety of types of bottoms which invite even more opportunities.

More information about diving courses and diving in Lysekil can be found at Dive Team in the seabed area.

There is also a newly opened diving museum in Lysekil. They have recently opened their premiere exhibition at the L. Laurin premises at the northern harbour of Lysekil. In the exhibition you can learn about the history of sports diving. In 2018, Swedish sports diving celebrates 60 years, which will be celebrated in Lysekil during the autumn. September 15-16, exhibitions, trade shows, banquets and more will be held. The reason why one chooses to start a museum and to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the sporting dive in Lysekil is easy to understand. Lysekil is famous among divers for its amazing dive and was the site of Sweden's first sports diving school. It is the opening of this that is regarded as the start of sportsdiving in Sweden.