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  • Photographer: Elin Giese

Lysekil's top 10

  • 27 Apr, 2017

Lysekil is filled with adventures and activities. In the sun as in the rain, we have something that fits everyone. We have listed the ones that you absolutely should not miss during your stay in Lysekil.

The city walks

Do you want to see the whole city of Lysekil but don't really know where to start? Follow the nearest city walk and we promise that you'll see the best parts of Lysekil. There are four different city walks in Lysekil, each showing the scenery and landmarks. It's as easy as following the blue, grey, red, or green icons that sit on poles around the city. They will take you out on a pleasant walk around the beautiful city of Lysekil.

Map of Lysekil city walks


At Stångehuvud - the outermost outpost towards the sea - the special red granite of Bohuslän has its southernmost spur. The granite, which was formed approximately 920 million years ago, was much desired by the stonecutters from the middle of the 19th century. For almost 50 years stone was cut from the rocks of Stångehuvud before Calla Curman succeeded in buying all the land and save it by making it a nature reserve. Read more here 

The church of Lysekil 

The church of Lysekil, designed by the architect Adrian Crispin Petterson from Gothenburg, is made entirely of granite and was completed in 1901. The present church is the third one of Lysekil. The two previous was wooden churches of which one was moved to Malmön where it is still used today. The church is the biggest one in Bohuslän and is situated at Rosviksberg, the only place that could fit such a large building. Because of its size they even had to place it the wrong way, north to south instead of the usual east to west direction. 

Its place at the top of the city makes it a landmark visible for miles and miles. Nearby there is an observation tower with a beautiful view over the city and the sea. 

During the summer many concerts are held at the church. 

Havets Hus, the sea aquarium

Live life in Västerhavet for a while, and get close up to hundreds of fascinating marine species from the lesser-spotted dogfish to the long spined sea-scorpion. With around 40 aquariums and other exciting activities like seal safaris and beach schools, no wonder Havets Hus is one of the most popular destinations in Bohuslän. Read more here

The Havsbad area

Back in the days the salty ocean water of Lysekil was said to have healing powers - both for the body and soul. That's the reason why the tourist industry started on the Swedish west coast as the city dwellers came to Lysekil to heal and relax in the peaceful coastal environment. The Havsbad area became the centre of tourism from the middle of the 19th century. Still today the area is used for relaxation and pleasure with both bath and events such as the now famous Monday club  with cover bands and the match race competition: Lysekil Women's match.

Still the open-air swimming pool, Kallbadhuset, is operating in the area. The oldest parts is remaining from the old tourism era was built in 1864, making it one of the oldest bath houses in Sweden. Kallbadhuset is an oasis very close to the city centre. It is an outdoor swimming pool that is used daily – all year round – by people from Lysekil, and during summertime also by visitors. It is not only beautiful to look at from the outside but just as nicely inside. 

The Old Town

Gamla Strandgatan is the city's oldest street and leads through the Old Town, which is the oldest part of Lysekil. Back in the 17th century, there was already settlements here. Along the stone-paved street stands the well-preserved wooden buildings from the mid-1800 's and a few decades ahead. Several of the houses have small signs that let the visitor know about its previous owners and history. The old town is definitely worth a visit during your stay in Lysekil! 

The Northern Harbour

The area surrounding the northern harbour of Lysekil was mainly an industrial area until very recently. Since that much has happened, and today the area is the most modern, yet built in harmony with the adjacent Old Town buildings in mind. The industrial buildings has been replaced with apartment blocks and the harbour is renovated with a new boardwalk. Along the water you will also find the sculpture "the herring", reminding of the herring industry, an important part of the history of Lysekil. There are also a few restaurants that has become popular, especially due to the amazing sunsets that can be seen from the Northern Harbour.

The rock carvings of Backa

Backa, just outside Brastad, is perhaps Sweden's most rock carving densest area. Backa was particularly during the Late Bronze Age, an important religious centre. That we can guess that from the very large variety of carved rocks and motives. The carvings are direct traces of the people who lived and worked here 3,000 years ago. During summer, the annual Rock carving week takes place in Backa. You can participate in guided tours, workshops, activities for children and much more! You can read more here


On the other side of the fjord you will find the island of Skaftö. The island offer a variety of different things to do and to see. 

A good one day trip to do while staying in Lysekil is to cycle the 6 km long cycle path between Grundsund and Fiskebäckskil at Skaftö and take the opportunity to discover the beautiful island scenery at the same time. Stop for a swim in the sea and enjoy a well-deserved lunch when you arrive. Take M/S Rania over to Grundsund in the morning and stroll in the beautiful village and ride ahead at the pace you want to the small, cosy village Fiskebäckskil. From here, take the ferry Carl Wilhelmsson back to Lysekil almost any time of day. Rent a bike easily and quickly at the Tourist information. 

You can find a bicycle map of Skaftö here

The ocean

The North Sea has much to show and teach us. Sure, the sea is beautiful to watch from the shore, but there is a whole new world to explore under the surface. There are many fine places to take a swim in Lysekil. Here you can find the beaches in Lysekil

Do you want to go one step further and learn to dive, Lysekil is the leader in diving. The area surrounding the Släggö attracts people from all over the world with its unique underwater scenery. Read more about diving in Lysekil.

Maybe you would like to see the shore instead of the life beneath the surface. Then you should jump into a kayak and paddle your way along the coast of Lysekil. More information about canoeing and kayaking 

If you feel like the active life isn't for you, maybe you should take a boat tour around the archipelago instead.