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  • Photographer: Jennie Smith

Gothenburg Green World 2016

Be part of the Gothenburg Green World 2016! A whole year of green experiences in our premier parks. In Mölndal you find events, exhibitions and land art in the urban environment. As a visitor, you will also take part of Mölndal's work on sustainable urban development.

Throughout 2016 you can experience the Gothenburg Green World with garden exhibitions, art installations of international standard and events. Besides beautiful parks in the Gothenburg area, thoughts about ecology, sustainability and green urban projects begin this year. 

Gunnebo House and Gardens is one of the main parks in the project and the baroque gardens are used for exhibitions and activities. At the ongoing reconstruction of the neoclassical orangery, an orangery parterre with exotic plants and trees is seen for the first time in 200 years. Back then, Gunnebo kept over 400 exotic plants in the greenhouses.
From the Rhine valley in Germany, gardeners from Schloss Dyck will create show gardens at Gunnebo. In addition, the northern Baroque gardens move one step closer to the 1700s, when a treillage is recreated from original drawings from the 1780s. The treillage is a trellis design that is both a building and a plant support at the same time.

In addition to Gunnebo, land art is created by five Swedish artists and the international artists Stuart Frost and Roberto Conte from the Artists' Association Arte Sella. Art is created in Mölndal city centre, the exciting environment of Forsåkers old industrial area and along the shores of lake Stensjön. I

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