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Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Walk by Läckö and Kinnekulle

There are several nice paths along the southern edge of lake Vänern. Get to know the area around Läckö Castle and make a day trip to Kinnekulle.

History is always close by when you explore Läckö and Kinnekulle on foot. The many attractions in this area include the impressive Läckö Castle.

45 km, moderate

Kinnekulle Path

Kinnekulle Path winds its way up to the Kinnekulle plateau near Lidköping, by lake Vänern. Along its 45 kilometres the path goes through many types of landscape with a lot of interesting stops en route. There are large areas of rock carvings, a limestone quarry, a waterfall and many beautiful churches and manor...

4 -7 km, moderate

Läckö, Kållandsö

Discover the area around Läckö Castle on foot. The 4-kilometre path that goes out to Roparudden takes you to the outermost part of lake Vänern's beautiful archipelago. On the west side of Kållandsö, the 7-kilometre-long Tranberg Path takes you through a cultural-historical area with much biodiversity.