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  • Photographer: Madeleine Landley

Guide – The best shellfish in West Sweden

Are you also mad about that special salty flavour of the very freshest shellfish? In the cold waters off the Swedish west coast you’ll find world-class shrimp, langoustine, lobster, mussels and oysters – and fish of course. Allow us to present West Sweden’s foremost shellfish restaurants.

The Swedish west coast is like a magnet, with its salty sea winds, smooth, rounded rocks and picturesque fishing villages, it attracts lovers of the good life as well as more adventurous outdoor types. But the question is whether the biggest attraction comes from the delicious underwater garden that is the sea. We’ll let you decide. Because here in West Sweden you’ll find loads of restaurants that combine the tastiest shellfish with sublime views, knowledgeable staff and a cozy atmosphere.

Come discover the treasures of the sea.

And remember, the best shellfish restaurants are located right by the sea. We know that, so we didn’t even mention it in the guide.

Everts Sjöbod, Grebbestad

With open arms, the two brothers, Lars and Per Karlsson, welcome you to their cozy boathouse. They are very familiar with the waters off Grebbestad and they know where the best shellfish is. Sometimes they even take the oysters with a net, straight from the pier by their boathouse. If you’re new to oysters, Lars can teach you everything about this delicacy, including how to eat them. After all, he won the Swedish Championships in oyster opening in 2017. And top it all off with an oyster safari!

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Musselbaren, Ljungskile and Smögen

Bread baked in-house, home-made aioli, and mussels at the centre of every dish – yes, even the Christmas buffet features them, pickled. That’s Musselbaren, or the Mussel Bar, in a mussel shell. Choose from two locations. The white restaurant with the iconic clock tower in Ljungskile has a picturesque interior, while over in Smögen the influences are contemporary, with wonderful views of the famously crowded Smögen boardwalk.

Photographer: PC-CONCEPT info@pc-concept.se 0706029849

Pensionat Styrsö Skäret, Gothenburg’s Archipelago

When you step into this guesthouse, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported a hundred years back in time. The friendly hosts, Ola Tulldahl and Ylva Sjöberg, are behind the relaxed feeling of the place. The dining room tables have been set with fine white linen, silver cutlery, crystal glassware and handmade candles. On the plates is the day’s catch from the sea’s larder. It’s so close to the action of Gothenburg, yet so totally idyllic.

Photographer: Emil Fagander, goteborg.com

Vatten Restaurang & Kafé, Skärhamn

In the same building as the Nordic Watercolour Museum, where contemporary style is reflected in both the interior and the selection of wines. Here you have huge walls of glass facing the archipelago, and a menu centred on sustainable delicacies from the sea, local ingredients, seasonal vegetables and microbrew beer. If you’re interested in natural wines, restaurateur  Anders Arena can tell you more, as they are his great passion.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Stora hotellet Bryggan, Fjällbacka

‘The pride of Fjällbacka? Some would say it’s the crime story queen, Camilla Läckberg, but she has good competition from Bryggan. Here, at their restaurant Matilda, the cooking is classic à la carte in an open kitchen setting, where curious diners can follow the chefs as they create. Aromas, impressions and the happy buzz of guests combine to make a pleasant atmosphere. And speaking of pleasant, how about a glass of wine on the outdoor area, as the sun sets behind the islands.

Photographer: Åsa Dahlgren

Brygghuset, Fiskebäckskil

Brygghuset is the quintessential archipelago restaurant. Here you get extreme knowledge of shellfish, a classic Bohuslän setting with robust timber interiors and a busy boating scene outside. Throughout the year, locals mix with guests from around the world, for dinners and after works. Brygghuset has an impressive whiskey collection, and was named Whiskey Restaurant of the Year for the second time in 2017. The owners also operate the adjacent Slipens Hotell.

Photographer: Brygghuset Fiskebäckskil

Petersons Krog, Käringön

The island of Käringön is famous for its granite formations, red boathouses, narrow lanes and long piers. It’s a coastal pearl that’s alive year round, with a cozy atmosphere. The same can be said of Petersons Krog, a restaurant on the north side of the island. The welcoming staff presents the menu, which is dominated by all sorts of fish dishes, on blackboards at the guests’ tables. In 2017 Petersons won the White Guide’s Heart Award, for its superb atmosphere.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman - M2B AB

Grebys Hotell & Restaurang, Grebbestad

The sunny dining room at Grebys offers lots of memories from the days when the venue was used as a cannery. Black-and-white photos alternate with love letters that Swedish troubadour Evert Taube wrote to a local woman, and Staffan Greby’s old gramophone player has pride of place. The menu stays true to the shellfish tradition, with a focus on the oyster, together with creative presentations and micro-brewed beer. In 2018 Chef Rickard Karlsson took part in the popular TV show Dessertmästarna – the Dessert Masters.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman, M2B AB

 Psst! A tip: visit Bohuslän during autumn, winter or spring. That’s when the shellfish are at their most delicate. Plus, you don’t have to rub shoulders with all the summertime tourists.