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  • Photographer: Ateljé Kuletomten

  • Photographer: Katthagen krukmakeri

  • Photographer: Ateljé Ute & Inne

  • Photographer: Ateljén Hagen

  • Photographer: Anna Wennerstrand

  • Photographer: Berit Abrahamsson Skara

  • Photographer: Johan Carlberg

  • Photographer: Leiif Holgersson

  • Photographer: Järn & Silversmedjan

  • Photographer: Bo Södervall

Arts and crafts in the Skara area

Local art and craft

Enjoy the work of various artists and craftsmen while visiting the Skara area.

The artistic expressions are overflowing the Skara area in its many art studios, where the artists and craftsmen are ready to show their personal work.

Make a visit and enjoy the thriving creativity.

Versatile art

In the Skara area creativity is thriving in its many art studios. Take the opportunity to see and to buy art made of many different materials and in different styles. Ranging from textile art, ceramics and watercolour painting to glass art with details of pure gold, there will be something for every taste.

Katthagen pottery

The studio of the two potters Marie Beckman and Jussi Ojala, is situated five kilometres east of Skara. Here you will find both stoneware and crock in the form of pots and utility goods.
Phone: +46-511-12327, www.keramik.se, info@keramik.se, Address: Brunsbo Lilla Katthagen

Studio Kuletomten

At Studio Kuletomten you will find beautiful watercolour paintings. With 30 years in the profession, Wivian Tuuri knows her thing.
Phone: +46-511-62014, www.wiviantuuri.se, Address: Kaptensgatan 4, Axvall

Studio Ute & Inne 

Let yourself get inspired by a personal and down-to-earth artist environment, at Elisabet Gagnemyr's studio, two kilometres away from the amusement park 'Sommarland'.
Studio Ute & Inne is located in an old barn with an exhibition of art work in several materials, such as ceramics, glass, metal and wood. 
Phone: +46-706-423558, Address: Bråneke, Axvall

Studio Hagen

At studio Hagen you will find both textile art and paintings by the two artists Annette and Göran Magnusson.
Phone: +46-511-60356, Adress: Hagen Ljungstorp, Varnhem

Studio Anna Wennerstrand

Anna Wennerstrand's ceramic studio is situated on the east side of Lake Hornborga. Her work contains both ceramic, mosaic and sculpture. You can both view and buy her work at the studio. She also gives courses.  
Phone: +46-70-4935116, mosaik@annawennerstrand.se, Address: Tranum, Skattegården, Axvall.


At Aspelid you will find diverse woodwork, textile art, courses and advisory services. They also work with product development, especially for churches, amongst which  one will find cabinets and sacral textiles, as part of the products.
Contact: Håkan Bergsten, Phone: +46-511-60798, hb@aspelid.se
Anja Larsson, Phone: +46-730-22 79 60, anja@aspelid.se 
Web: www.aspelid.se, Visiting address: Axvallavägen, 532 73 Varnhem

Johan Carlberg

Johan works with copper graphics, paints in water colour and sketches. Phone: +46-730-263474, oglundajohan@gmail.com, Address: Öglunda Fridhem, 53292 Axvall

Ateljé Broddetorpar'n

Artist Leiif Holegersson is known for his motives from nature in watercolour painting and oil, drawings, weavs and he has also made designs for the famous Swedish weaving mill Ekelund. His studio is located in beautiful surroundings overlooking Lake Hornborga. 
Phone: 0500- 491264, Address: Bjällum Tomten, 532 92 Varnhem.

Järn & Silversmedjan

In Varnhem you will find the blacksmith Claes Magnusson who lives and works in his smithy in this historically important environment with both the well-known Monastery Church and the permanent exhibition of Kata Farm.
Phone: 0511-605 42, info@jarn-silversmedjan.nu, Aderess: Överbo Nolgården, 532 73 Varnhem.

Contact information

Upplev Skara

Södra Kyrkogatan 2


Phone: +46 511 32000

E-mail: upplevskara@skara.se