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Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Sjöbacken Gård

Charming Bed & Breakfast with views of rolling pasture land

Sjöbacken Gård, a 150-year-old soldier's cottage, is situated by the calm lake Hattaren. Stay the night with a view over the rolling pasture land where horses, Gute and Gotland sheep graze. Stride out after a refreshing breakfast and walk in the fields or visit the small farm shop.

Sleep well in the loft

From the courtyard you enter the sleeping loft suite, which has a living room  and direct access to the charming kitchen and bathroom. The other loft at Sjöbacken Gård is small but very cosy. The kitchen and bathroom are accessed from outside.

The garden shop at Sjöbacken Gård

Photographer: Daniel Widmark

Close to nature, plenty of adventures

Row out on the small lake Hattaren and try to outwit the pike. Rent a bicycle and explore the area. There are beautiful hiking trails around Billingen, which is not too far away. The farm is also close to Skara Sommarland, Axevalla trotting track and Hornborgasjön, famous for its crane dance and other birds.

Farm shop

Don’t forget to check out the farm shop, which sells products from the farm as well as arts and crafts and beautiful everyday objects from different designers. The range includes lamb skins from the farm’s own animals, homemade chutneys and marmalades, flavoured oils, vinegar and gourmet salt. 

Contact information

Sjöbacken Gård

Öglunda Sjöbacken 1

53292 Axvall

Phone: +46 70652 09 27

E-mail: info@sjobackengard.se

Website: sjobackengard.se/