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Skara Konsthotell

Combined hotel and art museum

Welcome to a unique art museum at Skara Konsthotell in West Sweden. Not just a good night's sleep - here you have a unique chance to admire Swedish art by the world renowned artists Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson and Jenny Nyström.

Unique art museum

Welcome to unique art museum at Skara Konsthotell in West Sweden. The art collection there once belonged to the founder of Jula AB, Lars-Göran Blank. His goal, as the collection grew larger and larger, was to exhibit art for the general public.

Photographer: Skara Konsthotell

You are now able to see this fantastic collection completely free of charge. The dining room contains more paintings from Lars-Göran’s art collection.

Relaxation and excursions for the whole family

Work out and then rest with a fantastic view over Skara in the hotel’s sky gym and sauna. Jula Adventure Golf, Julahuset, Skara Sommarland, the Vilan area’s baths and gym and lake Hornborgasjön are just a few of the exciting activities and excursions for adults and children in the area. 

Food to please all your senses

Dinner for two, a business meal or a family get-together? You and your party of guests will be treated to the best, whatever the set-up. You’ll have an unforgettable experience together that tickles all your senses. The bar can also provide a less extensive menu, as well as good beer in a modern, relaxed setting.

Photographer: Skara Konsthotell


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Contact information

Skara Konsthotell

Vilangatan 4

53237 Skara

Phone: +46 511 31 00 00

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Website: skarakonsthotell.se/