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Walking trails by Lake Hornborgasjön
Lake Hornborga

Walk through marshes and a heritage landscape

Several shorter walking trails start near Lake Hornborgasjön. A number of the trails that take in the marshes and heritage landscape start in the area around Hornborga Naturum. Organised public walks are available between April and September.


Bolumsleden (3.5 km) runs through the old heritage landscape on the eastern side of the lake. The trail starts in the carpark at Naturum Hornborgasjön. Along the trail are plenty of ancient remains and traces of early agriculture. Walk through an undulating landscape, with sometimes magnificent views of the lake. The trail ends back at the carpark.
Please note that this trail crosses fields where animals often graze.

From Bolumsleden it is also possible to reach Heljesgården, an old museum farm run by Västergötland Museum.


Hångerleden (3 km) takes you to Hångers udde at the southern end of Lake Hornborgasjön. The trail covers a varied landscape, with old oak trees, swampy forests, marshes and dense willow thicket.

The bird tower at Hångers udde offers great opportunities to watch some of the bird species typical for this area. This tower is one of the best bird-watching sites for the southern part of the lake. Hångers udde is often a good place from which to watch the cranes in the spring and autumn. The trail remains open even when the crane period is at its most intense, however walkers are asked to tread with care in the area, to avoid disturbing the birds.

Along the trail is Hånger’s abandoned graveyard, an interesting site where local legend claims that King Inge the Older was buried in the early 12th century.


Ytterbergsleden (5 km one way) follows the shore of the lake south from Hornborga Naturum to Ytterbergs udde.

Many of the lake’s birds are visible from this trail. The dry meadow ridges at Vässtorp have an interesting flora, with great views across the lake. About one kilometre from Naturum is Ängsladan, modelled on a traditional hay barn, where visitors can spend the night.

At the far end of Ytterbergsudde is a wind shelter, which is a great place for bird watching. From the shelter, the trail continues to the carpark at Ytterberg, where you can turn around and return the same way you came.


It is a long walk to the tower at Almeö, but the open route across the Hornborgamaden often offers plenty of great bird encounters. A large part of the lake is visible from the tower at Almeö.

Almeöleden runs from the carpark at Skattegården, across Hornborgamaden, and out to Almeö, surrounded by an almost completely open landscape.
You return the same way. This walk often requires boots or wellingtons. When water levels are high, the trail is under water!


From the carpark between Trestena and Stenum, on the western side of Lake Hornborgasjön, follow the bank north. Where the lake flows into the river Flian is a bird tower.

Hornborgasjöns utlopp
The bird tower by the outlet on the western side of the lake offers particularly good viewing in winter and early spring. The streaming waters provide birds like ducks and swans with a sanctuary when the rest of the lake is frozen over. There is a good chance that you will see the red-necked grebe in the spring, and hear its call.


Orebacksleden (3.5 km) starts on the western side of the lake, just north of Dagsnäs Castle. This area includes an esker, which offers clear views across the lake. The broad-leaf forests and flowers are particularly beautiful in the spring, when the air is also filled with birdsong. This part of the lake is overgrown and many bird species like living amongst the reeds and shrubs. In the afternoon/evening, the sunlight is behind you, which makes the birds easier to spot.

Ore nabb
The landscape around the small bird tower at Ore nabb is varied, and this is also true for the trail leading to it, which is around 1.5 kilometres in length. The trail runs along a ridge, through broad-leaf forests and fields, with barren heathland to the left and the fertile lake on the right.


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