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  • Photographer: Södra Bohuslän Turism, Maria Gunvaldsson

Säbyleden - Hikingtrail
Kållekärr, Tjörn

6 kilometers

Through nature reserves and among abundant nature and 18th-century history, a light hiking trail winds its way. At the far end of the reserve, hike across the islands that lead the way to a stone cottage where you can sit down and enjoy the views and tranquility.

The Säbyleden trail runs through the nature reserves Breviks Kile and Säby Kile. It runs through open landscapes, pastures and woodlands, on paths and roads, through Knutstången all the way to Säby island where it ends at the old stone cottage. Just beyond the stone cottage, there is a giant's cauldron. Säby island consists of two islands with a narrow neck of land in between, where the trail runs along an old agricultural road across the islands and where cows graze during summer. 

Fact about the trail


From Säbygården out to Stenstugan and back it is about 6 km.

Approximate times:

1 hour and 30 minutes 

Level of difficulty:

The hiking trail is easy to get around and there are two different routes to choose from. The longer is 6 km and goes all the way out to the headland on Säby island where the stone cottage is located. If you want to take a shorter trip, get off at the water and go back via Breddalen.

Start and end:

The trail starts at Säbygården, where there is also parking space. Start walking clockwise (south) through the nature reserve.

At the far end of Säby island is the stone cottage. There are benches and a barbecue area. Bring your lunch bag and enjoy the tranquility and views. Go the same way back across the islands and then you can choose to go north across Breddalen to get back to Säbygården.

How to get here:

From the E6 take the exit for road 160 Tjörn and Orust. After Tjörnbron turn left on route 169 towards Rönnäng and Skärhamn. After 5 km take the first exit in the roundabout towards Kållekärr. Drive through Kållekärr and then take the second exit in the roundabout towards Skärhamn. After about 100 meters turn right towards Säby. After about 1 km there is a parking space on the right side at Säbygården.

Public transport: Use Västtrafik's travel planner
Tjörn Express from Stenungsund station to station Hoga takes about 25 minutes. 
Tjörn Express from Skärhamn to Hoga takes 10 minutes.
From busstop Hoga to Säbygården its 1,2 kilometers, 15 minutes walk.  


Here you will find the  digital map >>

Contact information

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