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AskArd- Hav & Land
Stora Askerön, Stenungsund

Boat trips and fishing trips with the boat Albertina

Experience our beautiful archipelago with the boat Albertina. All year round you can book a boat trip or fishing trip in Bohuslän's southern archipelago around Tjörn, Orust and Stenungsund.

The archipelago on the west coast is beautiful and unique all year round. Experiencing it from the sea during a boat trip is a wonderful experience regardless of the season. Summer time, sun, bath and beach hopping attracts one of all islands. Stop by and eat well at any restaurant, or book a picnic basket and enjoy on a cliff.

The autumn with the fresh clear air still offers the opportunity for nice baths, if you are lucky you can swim in mareld! If you like fishing, it's best now. In the winter, the islands rest quietly and barely. The seals dare to show themselves, and sometimes even the magnificent sea eagle. Sometimes the bus weather comes by, an experience for the adventurous. With the spring, the light comes back and life returns to nature, taking the opportunity to enjoy the silence before the summer's intensive period takes over.

Whatever the season, you can get your customized experience, or choose one of the suggested tours, eg. Pond around. AskArd also offers transportation. The boat trips start from Stenungsund, Askeröarna, Almösund. Max 6 people.

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AskArd Hav & Land

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