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  • Photographer: Anders Jonsson

Härmanön, Orust

Spectacular view from Härmanö Huvud

Härmanö is one of the larger nature reserves in Bohuslän, boasting a rich nature and multiple hiking trails. It offers trails for both less and more experienced hikers. For those who like a challenge, head towards Härmanö Huvud and its spectacular views.

Walk through built-up areas and large nature reserve

The islands of Härmanö and Gullholmen form the community Gullholmen, which was originally a fishing village. Like several other places along Bohuslän, fishing for ‘the silver of the sea’ – the herring – was an important livelihood. The herring came and went over the centuries and this influenced the economy, population numbers and settlements. Gullholmen is Sweden's most densely populated island – in stark contrast with Härmanö, which is one of Bohuslän's largest nature reserves. Together they create an incredibly unique place. Härmanö consists of two islands, Lilla Härmanö, which is located north of Gullholmen, and Södra Härmanö to the south.


In the village, a few restaurants and cafés are open during summer. A little to the south is Gullholmsbaden with cottages for hire, a restaurant and sauna. Along the walking trail, there are great swimming spots and the island is a haven for bird-watching enthusiasts as it offers good opportunities to spot eagles, auks, scoters or ospreys.


If you’re set on a long hike, you’ve come to the right place. Where the village ends, the nature reserve spreads out offering hiking trails of varying distances and difficulty levels. If you walk all the way down to the southern cape, you reach Härmanö Huvud with unbeatable views.

Still want more? Don’t miss Käringön, only a boat ride away.

Start and finish

To get to the start of the hiking trails from the harbour at Gullholmen’s ferry stop, head south, through the community and past Gullholmsbaden holiday village. The brown trail starts in the village and runs along the coast past Höpallen and Härm and down to Klippevik. This trail is easy to access, even by wheelchair. Most hiking trails start from the brown trail and take off from here as a looped trail. At Härm, it is possible to take the yellow trail leading up to Höpallen. The blue trail goes from Härm down to Myren and back to Härm again. The white trail goes from Myren to Klippevik and all the way down to the headland at Härmanö. If you want to continue to Härmanö Huvud, you turn onto a blue trail here, otherwise you continue on the white trail back to the Myren.

All trails follow one another, all the way from the ferry terminal to Härmanö Huvud. To get back to the village, follow the trail along the water (the brown trail).


Accessibility and difficulty of the trails

Make sure you have good shoes and bring something to eat on your hike. Distances are long and the terrain is hilly and often difficult to walk in.

The trails from the village to Klippevik and the yellow trail Höpallen - Härm have been adapted for accessibility. At Grindebacken, there is a wheelchair-accessible toilet. The yellow trail is easy to reach, but not for wheelchairs. The blue trail from Härm is partly hilly, but can be reached by wheelchair. The white trail is partly inaccessible and the blue trail to Härmanö Huvud is hilly.

Map and facts

Map: Link to a digital map of Härmanö hiking trails >>

The West Coast Foundation's brochure with information and map is available for download here as PDF >>

Distance: Gullholmen-Klippevik 4 km, Höpallen-Härm 2.5 km, Härm-Myren 4 km, Myren-Skålldalen 5 km, Skålldalen-Härmanö Huvud 3km.

Maintenance: Orust municipality manages trails. The West Coast Foundation manages the nature reserve.

Directions: From the E6 motorway, take exit 160 towards Tjörn and Orust. After the Tjörn bridge, continue straight ahead on road 160 towards Orust. After 13 km you reach Varekil; turn left towards Ellös. After another 15 km, turn left towards Gullholmen. Then follow signs for Tuvesvik. Park in designated places and then walk down to the ferry.

From here, catch the ferry to both Gullholmen and Käringön. For timetables, see Västtrafik's travel planner, ticket can be bought onboard.


Public transport: See Västtrafik's travel planner

Catch the Orust Express and 371 to travel by bus from Stenungsund station to Tuvesvik. The trip takes about 1 hour.

It is also possible to get by bus from Henån's bus terminal to Tuvesvik. The trip takes about 40 min.


Contact information

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Phone: +46 304 79 93 40

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