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Photographer: Maria Johannessen

Breathe in the calm after the storm – Remember September

Experiencing the Swedish West Coast in September is a bit like visiting ski resorts during the summer. It's the same place, yet different. Something has happened. A mysterious charm has emerged. It is the calm after the storm.

September has arrived in Bohuslän. The small fishing village on the island of Käringön, which a month ago was buzzing with people, is getting quieter as locals return to everyday life. But the evening breeze is still lukewarm, the air is clearer than ever, and a rare calm rests over Tjörn's cultural landscape and meadows. Although the summer peak is over, local merchants are keeping their stores and restaurants open a little longer. They know that some late-comers will show up; The guests who want to enjoy the West Coast at their own pace, without competing with the summer tourists.

One of Europe's most beautiful sculpture parks

Those wanting to visit southern Bohuslän in September, can expect many experiences. The Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn (closed during change of exhibitions September 9–September 21) on Tjörn always has exciting exhibitions. Walk or cycle on to Skulptur i Pilane, the cultural landscape that was named one of Europe's most beautiful sculpture parks by The Guardian in 2016. After a walk among stone walls, freely grazing sheep and gigantic artworks, we recommend spending a night at Sweden's first floating hotel, Salt & Sill, on Klädesholmen. If you’re an early riser, you can rent a kayak at Kajaktiv in Bleket and explore one of Sweden's best kayaking waters – it’s absolutely magical in the morning light!

Discover Käringön on foot

The significantly smaller and car-free island of Käringön can’t compete with Tjörn's rich cultural offerings. Here, barren cliffs and narrow alleys filled with white wooden houses are the attraction. If you have your own boat, you can naturally take it straight to the island, otherwise you drive up to Orust and catch the ferry from Tuvesvik.
Stroll around Käringön's charming shops. A stop at the fish shop is always great; If you are lucky you will see when the crayfish are being cooked. Enjoy the delights of the ocean and other goodies at Petersons Krog, Karingo, Crêperiet or Simsons Brygga. Finish the evening with a sauna and ocean swim. Despite the small size of the island, there are four places of different price ranges to stay, from hotels to hostels. On the way home to the mainland, you can stop at Gullholmen and see the mix of archipelago villas on what is probably Sweden's most densely populated island. Make sure you also take a walk among heather moorlands and barren cliffs in one of Bohuslän’s largest nature reserves, Härmanö.