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Family visiting Nordic Watercolour Museum in Skärhamn

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

Hike the coast as calm sets in

The month of September has quietly arrived as late-summer calm has settled across Bohuslän. This is the best time to discover all the fantastic hiking trails the coast has to offer in peace and quiet – on your own or with someone you like.

Why not combine your hiking weekend with some art experiences? If you think it sounds like a good idea, it’s recommended that you start the tour in Skärhamn at Tjörn. Right by the quay sits the Nordic Watercolour Museum (closed between exhibitions from 9-21 September) and quite frankly it’s difficult to find a more scenic location for an art museum. Here, the whole family can spend time together, laugh and create something special. And, of course, enjoy world-class art.

Hiking across cliffs

Then it is time for the weekend's first hiking tour, with two options to choose from.

Option 1 – Drive north-east to the island's northern part, where you will find Sundsby Manor, a cultural farm with a farm shop, a café and a beautiful park landscape. Fill up on some energy at the cafe before you take one of the hiking trails that start at the manor. Sundsbyleden (Sundsby Trail) runs through easy to medium terrain and measures just over 4 km, but expect it to be a little longer and more demanding if you want to go up to Solklinten and explore the narrow passage of the cave system. Don’t forget to stop by and enjoy the stunning view of the Stigfjorden. One tip before you go further is to pop by silversmith Emelie Wijk who runs the company Silver Wijk. She works on Tjörn and sells some of her wares at Sundsby.


Option 2 – Drive south to Rönnäng and take the ferry over to Dyrön. If you have time to spare in Rönnäng, you can walk up to Tjörnehuvud and enjoy the view of Åstol's closely-built white wooden houses and Carlsten's fortress on Marstrand. Once on the car-free island of Dyrön, a 4.5 km long hiking trail will take you around the entire island, which despite its small size offers a dramatic landscape. One of the most amazing passages is Dynes Ravin, a narrow corridor between two high cliff walls. With a little luck, you will meet the wild mufflon sheep that roam freely among the island's lush forest areas and steep slopes. Before returning to Rönnäng, a visit to Scandinavian Jewellery is recommended, where Tintin Hallding manufactures and sells silver and gold jewellery.

Explore Härön’s landscape

A busy day in the archipelago is best finished off with a great meal and a nice bed. Check in at Björholmens Marina & Sealodge, right next to the sea in the northwest corner of Tjörn. After breakfast the following day, It’s time to visit another hiking paradise, namely Härön. Take the ferry from Kyrkesund and explore the tranquillity that characterises Härön's open plains, meadows and rich vegetation. The longest loop takes between two and three hours and a pair of hiking boots is preferable as the rocky hills can be slippery if it has rained recently. In some places, footpaths and stairs have been built for easier passage. The westernmost part of the trail passes the old farm Änga where there is a barbecue area and a timber shelter.

Memorable sculpture park

The ferry then takes you back to Kyrkesund where your weekend will end with a visit to one of Europe's most beautiful sculpture parks awaits, at least if you ask the reputable newspaper The Guardian. Skulptur i Pilane is the art trail that really dares to stand out. Amongst cliffs, Stone-Age graves and freely grazing sheep, a stunning sculpture exhibition of works by world-leading artists appears each year. The contrast between the large-scale sculptures and Tjörn's open cultural landscape makes for an experience that you’re unlikely to forget.