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Historic buildings and exhibits from over the ages

Stroll among historic buildings from the 18th century and see exhibits from bygone years at Gammelgården, in the coastal village of Hunnebostrand, West Sweden. The museum owns over a thousand different objects, each representing the inhabitants of the area and their daily lives over several centuries.

Many historic buildings

Gammelgården comprises a number of different buildings, either built on site or moved there. The building that now contains Gammelgårdens Museum was built in 1739. Pore over the many different everyday items and see what interiors looked like in the 18th century. Outside there are barns, cattle sheds, two different kinds of mills and one of Sweden's oldest preserved boathouses, partly made of timber from wrecks.

Stories and history of Sotenäs

Don’t miss Theaterladan while you’re here, which was converted into a theatre and storytelling hall in the 1920s. Come and listen to the stories and history of Sotenäs. The manor house can provide food and lodging if you’re in need of either. There’s a friendly hostel there, and a café with good coffee and cakes.

Contact information

Hembygdsföreningen Sotenäsgillet

Museivägen 3

45661 Hunnebostrand

Phone: +46 523 553 80

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: sote.n.nu/