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  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman @ Bruksbild

Five glass cabins on the island of Henriksholm

72 HOUR CABIN. Located on the privately owned island of Henriksholm in Lake Ånimmen, are the five original glass cabins from The 72 Hour Cabin project. Tranquillity prevails, creating the ideal conditions for anyone who wants to get close to nature and dismiss the trials and tribulations of daily life.



You can’t get closer to nature

The five original glass cabins are beautifully situated on the privately owned island of Henriksholm, located outside Ånimskog in south-east Dalsland. The island also has an old manor house, which is occupied from time to time by the island’s owners, Staffan and Maria Berger, who also run the glass cabins. They will collect you by boat from the mainland and they are more than happy to tell you about the project, Swedish traditions, and why nature in Dalsland is so unique. Otherwise the island is totally uninhabited, which means that when you stay in one of the glass cabins you come overwhelmingly close to the peace and serenity of nature.

With its elongated shape and reflecting nature in its many forms, Henriksholm is virtually Sweden in miniature. The fauna on the island includes everything from fallow deer and foxes to the rare white-backed woodpecker. The lake is rich in perch, pike, eel, burbot and bream. Fishing permit is included and if the season is right, crayfishing can be arranged accompanied by the island´s owners. The glass cabins are set in the midst of meadowland, woodland and rocks, blending effortlessly to form what could only be described as your very own outdoor living room – a space in which you can wander around to your heart’s content. Put your walking shoes on and discover the island (about 8-kilometre walk) or take a boat and row across to the smaller island of Gråholmen for a picnic. As the evening draws in, you can look forward to spending the night under a star-filled sky, with the sounds of nature as the perfect backdrop.

All the cabins offer a view across Lake Ånimmen, a 12-kilometre rift valley lake. Four of the houses are situated at the water’s edge, whilst the other is a short walk from the lake in all its beauty. As the buildings are spread out around the island, there is always that carefully preserved feeling of seclusion. It also means that some of the houses benefit from the evening sun in all its glory, whilst others can enjoy the exhilarating sight of the sun rising over the lake, gradually dispelling the morning mist. One of the houses is located beside the service building, whilst the others are a short walk away.


Practical information and rates

On arrival, you will be collected by motorboat by one of the island’s owners, Staffan and Maria, and in just a few minutes you will be on the island. A short walk takes you up to the main house, where you will be served with refreshments and be given information about the location of the glass cabins. You will also have an opportunity to take a look at a map of the island. This will be followed by a run-through of the service building Paviljongen, with its kitchen, bathroom and storeroom (where you can leave some of your luggage if you wish). The service building also has charging points for your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or camera battery.

The basic package includes:

  • A 72 hour stay (i.e. three days) in one of the unique glass cabins
  • Transport by motorboat back and forth to the island
  • A 120 cm bed with comfortable pillows, duvet and a wool blanket
  • Bed linens and towels
  • Basket with water bottle, thermos flask, glasses and cups
  • Map over the island and the lake Ånimmen
  • Headlamp
  • Hammock
  • Access to a rowing boat and fishing rod
  • Access to canoe or kayak
  • Access by arrangement to the woodfired sauna beside the main house
  • An outdoor toilet close to the glass cabins, or the toilet inside the service building

The following meals are included:

Light refreshments and an evening meal on the day you arrive. Breakfast is served on the day of your departure, and on other days breakfast, lunch and dinner are served. Breakfast can be collected from the service building each morning, and you have the option of eating it there or in your glass cabin. Lunch packages can be collected for a picnic. Dinner is served in or just outside the manner house, or at the lake side cape in an outdoor kitchen, depending on the weather. The food follows the seasonal changes and is always locally produced. Dinner is an excellent opportunity if you want to get to know the other guests also staying in one of the unique glass cabins.


The cost of the basic package (72 hours) is 7,695 Swedish kronor per person for single occupancy, and 4,995 Swedish kronor per person for two persons sharing.

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Why glass cabins?

The glass cabins were designed by Jeanna Berger, daughter of the owners of Henriksholm, Staffan and Maria Berger. The aim is to bring the visitor closer to nature, and the design idiom is ‘pared back’ and functional. All the materials are sourced from local suppliers. Read more about Jeanna’s thoughts behind the glass cabins.


Different locations – different experiences

The glass cabins are in slightly different locations in Dalsland, resulting in a range of experiences depending on where you choose. You can read about the different cabins here.