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  • Three people are cycling along a gravel road at South Koster. The gravel road goes through a meadow with tall grass and wildflowers.

    Photographer: G Assner

  • A happy child is swimming in the ocean, wearing a pair of swimming goggles.

    Photographer: Åsa Massleberg

  • Koster ferry

    Photographer: Åsa Dahlgren

  • Photographer: G Assner

  • Two people are walking a long a beach at South Koster. Tall grass is in the foreground.

    Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Summer in Strömstad

When choosing Strömstad you pick an amazing destination for an interesting and memorable visit. This coastal town offers a breathtaking archipelago, great recreation, shopping, and an exciting mixture of natural scenery.

A person is standing on a cliff in front of a old and grey boathouse at South Koster. The ocean is calm and the sun is about to set.

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

Nature & Outdoor

The sea west of Strömstad contains hundreds of islands and rocks. Here, you’ll find granite grey islands, the salty sea and the unusual Koster Islands with the Kosterhavet National Park, Sweden’s first marine park, The park offers you unique sites to explore and a range of popular activities. You can see hundreds of granite islands and islets on the sea’s surface, and beneath discover rare and exceptional fauna. Notable also are the two most western lighthouses in Sweden, Ursholmen. Virgin nature converges with permanent living residents in the Koster islands.

Opportunities for adventure are numerous in this exceptional environment: hiking and biking 

You can take a ferry or go on one of the many events organized during the summer. seal safaris, fishing trips and boat trips are arranged from north harbour in central Strömstad. 

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  • A person that is snorkeling.

    Photographer: A Tysklind

  • Four children have buried themselves in the sand and only their heads are visible.

    Photographer: Åsa Massleberg

  • Water lily dam on the island of Ramsö.

    Photographer: Åsa Massleberg

  • Wooden sign showing the way to beach with snorkelled on the island of Saltö.

    Photographer: Anders Tysklind

Sun & Swimming

Strömstad is the Swedish west coast at its best. Smooth granite cliffs and lovely sandy beaches, surrounded by the glittering Kosterhavet sea. Its location by the coast, sheltered by the Norwegian mountain range, gives the best possible conditions for wonderful sunbathing and swimming. From Strömstad’s harbour you can travel by boat to many of the islands and beaches, all with their own special history and landscape. If you fancy a dip in the town centre, you can visit the open-air swimming baths, with diving tower, saltwater pool and a sun-deck facing the open sea.

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Photographer: Alisia Ring

Sights & Attractions

Strömstad was awarded its town charter in the mid-1600s, and soon made a name for itself as an important shipping town. Within walking distance of Strömstad town centre you will find well preserved buildings, fantastic settings and lovely walks. The Town Hall is Strömstad´s most magnificent building. Do not miss Strömstad Museum, contemporary art at Art Hall Lokstallet and the old quarter, Bukten. Other sights we recommend is the Stone Ship at Blomsholm, Alaska, a stone and flower garden and one of the oldest churches in Bohuslän, Skee Church.

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Fun for children

Strömstad offers lots of fun activities for children of all ages. Our location by the sea offers exciting experiences in itself. Boat trips, crab fishing, snorkeling and dips in the ocean are popular pastimes. Popular local attractions for the entire family are EkoPark, Tjärnö Aquarium and naturum Kosterhavet on South Koster, where you can learn more about the environment and about life under the surface.

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Nordby shoppingcenter

Photographer: Nordby Shoppingcenter


Shopping is a popular activity both with visitors and residents, Strömstad has a lot more to offer in the way of shopping than most other towns of a similar size. The town contains a wide spectrum of stores, boutiques and shops with local and handmade crafts. Strömstad has one of the largest commercial destinations in Sweden, including Nordby Shopping Center located close to Norway.