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Find your midsummer celebration

Time for midsummer 2022! Here we list places for midsummer celebrations and what happens.

Here we celebrate midsummer ...

Svenljunga Hembygdsgård - at 15.00 traditional midsummer celebration in Svenljunga Hembygdspark. Stig Svensson plays. Coffee service. On Wednesday 22 June at 15.00 we dress the midsummer pole. Everyone is welcome to help, feel free to bring flowers. 

Mårdaklev hembygdsgård - Klev. Starts already on June 23 with dressing the midsummer pole together and having a small coffee together. EVERYONE is welcome to participate! Time will be late afternoon / evening, exact time will come later. 

On Midsummer's Eve, we invite you to dance around the Midsummer pole, raffle, candies, craft sales, tip walks for young and old and of course coffee and cake. We open at 14:00 and travel the midsummer pole for ring games around 14:30. READ MORE

Kalv - Kalv's family camping - We dress the midsummer pole at 11 and Håska fiddlers come at 15.00 and start the dance. READ MORE

Holsljunga - Höglycke - At 10.00 we dress the midsummer pole. Coffee for everyone who helps. Bring flowers! 14.00 usual midsummer celebration with dance, music and song. Lotteries and raffle as well as chocolate wheels. Coffee is included in the entrance ticket! READ MORE 

Håcksvik - In Håcksvik we gather at the flea market at 10:30. There will be music and dancing around the midsummer pole and then you bring out your coffee basket and coffee! DIRECTIONS

Sexdrega - We gather at 14.00 the parish home and raise the bar at. 14. Dance, games, coffee with strawberry cake, lottery, candy rain and more. DIRECTIONS

Hofsnäs Herrgård - Dance around the midsummer pole at 14.00 with music from fiddle bands. Lotteries, fishing pond and entertainment for the whole family. The restaurant is open 11-16. READ MORE

Sjötofta - Bygärde old rectory - At 15.00 the dance around the midsummer pole starts, then there are activities such as air rifle shooting and other things to mingle around among. READ MORE

Örsås Hembygdsgård - At 9 in the morning we dress the bar and the celebration starts at. 15. with music, dancing around the bar and lotteries. DIRECTIONS