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Katarinas Stall och Stuguthyrning

Natural lodgings in log cabins

Katarinas Stall & Stuguthyrning is in Mellangården, in the southern part of West Sweden. You stay on a scenic oak and hazel hillside with many lakes nearby. The log cabins that are on the farm today were built in the mid-19th century. Guests are welcome to spend the night in Lillstugan or Sovstugan.

Walks in the forest and forest lake fishing

The land around the farm where Katarinas Stall & Stuguthyrning has its cabins is hilly with broadleaved forests and meadows. There are also a number of small lakes that can be accessed on narrow forest roads. Set off on a lovely walk in the forest and fields. If you take your fishing rod along, you can try your luck at fishing in one of the lakes.

Close to nature all year round

If you’re interested in plants and animals, the bird life and vegetation in the area are very diverse. You’ll see several protected orchids in the old hay-fields around midsummer. In the winter you can go skiing at visit Isaberg Mountain Resort. There are golf courses, railway push trolleys and many more activities nearby.

Contact information

Katarinas Stuguthyrning

Mellangården Snarås

51491 Tranemo

Phone: +46 325 750 95


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