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A little shop in a boat house in the harbour of Resö island where you can buy beautiful and ecological bags and accessories made of cork. You can also buy Raw chocolate and very fresh soft drinks from Madeira!

You can produce a lot from the bark from the cork oak. Lately they have started to use it for making the so called cork skin, for bags, hats, wallets, shoes and other accessories.

Because the cork oak's bark regrows again it can be harvested about every nine years for hundreds of years without harming the tree.

Cork skin is environmentally friendly, from a renewable source, biological degradable, water resistant, durable and very beautiful! It is also vegan.

Welcome and take a look for yourself!


Follow the road to Resö and drive all the way down to the harbour. The first big, red boat house has a sign with the name Corkei on the wall. There are parking space right outside the door.

Contact information


Resövägen 23

45797 Resö

Phone: +46 0703088316

E-mail: info@corkei.se

Website: corkei.se