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Photographer: Celina Falck

Fjällbacka Touristinformation

Touristinformation (Summer) situated in the heart of Fjällbacka at the Ingrid Bergman Square.

Fjällbacka Touristinformation is run by "Hälsan i Fjällbacka" in 2019. The Touristinformation is open i the summertime. Welcome in to get local recommendations and inspiration to what to see and do in and around Fjällbacka.

Fjällbacka Touristinformation

Ingird Bergmans Torg

45740 Fjällbacka



Contact information

Fjällbacka Turistinformation

Ingrid Bergmans Torg

45740 Fjällbacka

Phone: +46 525 61188

E-mail: tourist@fjallbacka.com

Website: bohuslan.com/tanum