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Getting to Tanum

  • 30 Oct, 2018
  • Celina Falck
  • Source: Getting to Tanum by train & Bus

Tanum is located in the northern part of Bohuslän, at the west coast of Sweden, northern part of Europe.

It's easy to get to Tanum by train or bus. 

From Tanumshede bus station or train station you can easily take a taxy or a bus further to your final destination in the area.


From Gothenburg

From Gothenburg central station you can take a bus or the train to Tanumshede train station. 

The easiest way to plan your trip is to use the travel planner: 


You can take the direct bus from Gothenburg (Nils Ericsson Terminalen) to Tanumshede (Tanum Preem),  1,45 hours: 



From Landvetter Airport (Gothenburg) to Gothenburg Central: 



From Oslo

You can take the direct bus from Oslo (Oslo S) to Tanumshede (Tanum Preem), 2 hours: 



From Gardermoen Airport (Oslo) to Oslo Central:



From other parts of Sweden, use this site: 



Travel between different locations in Tanum: 




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