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Golf profile about Western Sweden: Niclas Fasth

Hello... Niclas Fasth, four-time European tour winner, runner-up in The Open 2001 and member of Europe’s victorious 2002 Ryder Cup team.

What is your connection to West Sweden?

- I was born and grew up in Gothenburg, and started playing golf at Lysegårdens Golfklubb in Romelanda.

 Can you name a few special places that make your West-Swedish heart beat a little faster?

- I love heading out to the archipelago, to experience the coast from the sea. And Marstrand is lovely, not to mention a summer evening on the Avenue.

 What is your favourite restaurant in West Sweden?

- Toso at the top of the Avenue has become a favourite.

 Which are your favourite golf courses in West Sweden?

- The Nordea Masters Hills course, Göteborgs GK as well as Lysegårdens GK, where I began playing golf.

 What is the best thing about West Sweden?

- That you’re always close to the sea and the archipelago – and the easy access to fresh prawns!