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  • Photographer: Lars Pehrson

Golf profile about Western Sweden: Henrik Stenson

Hello... Henrik Stenson, born in Gothenburg,and Sweden’s first and only male major winner (The Open 2016), with 11 European tour wins, 6 PGA tour wins and an Olympic silver on his CV. <

What is your connection to West Sweden?

- I was born in Gothenburg in 1976, and grew up in Ytterby. I started playing golf when I was eleven, and at 15 I moved to Barsebäck in Skåne.

 Can you name a few special places that make your West-Swedish heart beat a little faster?

- That would have to be Marstrand, central Gothenburg and Ullevi! Stadium!

 What is your favourite restaurant in West Sweden?

- I love seafood, so there are lots of places in Gothenburg that can make me happy in that sense. But because I moved from Gothenburg when I was 15, I would still say Gullbringa Golf & Country Club’s restaurant. We downed a lot of bacon and eggs back in the day.

 Which are your favourite golf courses in West Sweden?

- Gullbringa is my ’home course’ in the Gothenburg region, so of course I like that one. Then I also played a lot at Hovås Golf Club, it’s in a pretty setting close to the sea.

 What is the best thing about West Sweden?

- The water! Sweden’s ’front’ has an amazing archipelago with saltwater swimming. Plus there’s the IFK Gothenburg football team, and the local sense of humour which I like of course!