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Läckö Slott

Photographer: Anders Husa

The best Instagram locations in West Sweden

Here are ten photo-friendly views and locations in West Sweden that really must feature on your photo list. The fact that all the places are also popular visitor destinations is an added bonus.

#No 1:  The Smögen Pier

The colourful boathouses that line the Smögen Pier in Bohuslän make this one of the most popular holiday destinations in Sweden and a must-have in any photo collection.

*This 600-metre long pier is teeming with life in the summer months. It is a great place for people-watching, admiring the many visiting yachts, browsing nice shops, and enjoying fresh shellfish or a drink in one of the many restaurants and bars.

Photographer: Åsa Dahlgren

#No 2: Läckö Castle

Sweden’s most beautiful Baroque residence, Läckö Castle, is located on a peninsula in the country’s biggest lake, Vänern, just outside the town of Lidköping. The castle itself offers plenty of photo opportunities, and the same is true for the adjacent garden and surrounding natural landscape.

*If you visit in the summer, make sure you join one of the guided tours of the castle. The award-winning restaurant in the castle grounds, Hvita Hjorten, serves delicious meals. Spend the night in the Victoria House, which offers magical views over the lake and castle.  

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

#No 3: Göta Canal

Göta Canal is one of Sweden’s best known and most visited tourist destinations. It has even been awarded the title ‘Best Swedish Building Structure of the Millennium’. This is a great place to take photos all year round, but if you visit in the summer, you must capture one of the 58 locks along the canal.

* This 190-kilometre long canal stretches from Stockholm to Gothenburg and is best experienced on foot, boat or bicycle. A popular summer activity is catching crayfish in the canal, and there are a number of enjoyable crayfish-based holiday packages available to book.

Photographer: Hasse Schröder

#No 4: Marstrand with Carlstens Fort

Bohuslän is a very special place in winter. Visit Marstrand and Carlstens Fort outside the high season, and capture a still and breathtakingly beautiful landscape.

*In the summer months, Marstrand is a popular tourist destination, with a busy guest harbour, open art studios, plenty of bars and restaurants, great places to swim and attractive walking trails.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

#No 5: Vetterberget in Fjällbacka

The mountain of Vetterberget rises high above the village of Fjällbacka. From here, you have an amazing view of both the archipelago and the mainland.

* Fjällbacka was a favourite spot for the actress Ingrid Bergman. This is also where Camilla Läckberg’s detective stories are set. While you are here, fit in a visit to Väderöarna, a delightful group of islands, far out to sea, but reachable by boat from Fjällbacka.

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

#No 6: The Aqueduct in Håverud

Dalsland has more lakes than any other Swedish region, and this is where you will find the Aqueduct in Håverud – a must-have for any Instagram enthusiast. The aqueduct is the only place in Europe where a road, railway and waterway meet.

* The canal is lined by small, picturesque arts & crafts shops and cosy cafes. To add some extra spice to your images, try nearby Dalslands Aktiviteter, one of northern Europe’s biggest outdoor activity centres. This is also a rare opportunity to take an ‘elkfie’ in the popular Elk Park.

Photographer: Roger Borgelid

#No 7: Skansen Kronan in Gothenburg

Climbing the steps up to the Skansen Kronan redoubt is well worth the effort, as once you reach the top, you have an amazing view over the centre of Gothenburg.

*Don’t forget to bring a picnic to enjoy at the top of the hill. From Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city, it is easy to reach the rest of West Sweden and its many wonderful destinations. Plan your journey at www.vasttrafik.se.

Photographer: Superstudio D&D/Göteborg & Co

#No 8: Torpa stenhus

Outside Borås is Torpa stenhus, one of Sweden’s best preserved country estates from the 16th century. Both the estate and the lake it borders, Åsunden, offer great photo opportunities.

*Guided tours of the house are available in the summer. This is also when the restaurant and coffee shop are open.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

#No 9: Hjo, the Wooden Town

Hjo is the perfect place to photograph beautiful old wooden buildings, as there have not been any major fires here for over 600 years. There are also great views of Lake Vättern.

* Vättern, Sweden’s second biggest lake, has a number of great places to swim that are well worth a visit. If you prefer a boat trip, the steamboat S/S Trafik takes passengers onto the lake.

Photographer: Jesper Anhede

#No 10: Borås – the town that is a gallery

Borås offers the opportunity to photograph first class works of art and sculptures. This town has everything from 27-metre tall murals to smaller installations. Join a guided walk to make sure you don’t miss any of the art installations.

*Borås is also a well-known for its fashion and textile industry. Visit the Textile Museum, one of Scandinavia’s leading museums for textile, and part of the Textile Fashion Centre, to see exciting exhibitions, buy unique designer garments, learn more about the history of textile, and much more.

Photographer: Jonas Ingman

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