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View of the Turbine house at Turbinhusön in Tidaholm with the river Tidan running in front.

Photographer: Mattias Nilsson


  • Source: Tidaholms turistbyrå

Turbinhusön is an idyll right in the centre of Tidaholm, by the shore of the River Tidan with a well preserved cultural milieu. Turbinhusön island is encircled by the River Tidan and is, with its leafy surroundings, one of the area’s most popular tourist attractions. The Coffee House is part of the cottage milieu that gives Turbinhusön its character. In summer, businesses are conducted in several of the cottages as well as in Turbinhuset, which today is converted into an art gallery.


Turbine House which became an art gallery

Tidaholm’s art gallery on Turbinhusön island is beautifully situated by the shore of the river Tidan in a building which was originally a turbine house. A variety of exhibitions are displayed here during the spring, summer and autumn.

A beautiful building in beautiful surroundings. That is exactly how the Turbinhus, where Tidaholm’s art gallery is located, can be described. The building which gave the island its name was erected in the year 1898 by the shore of River Tidan, to drive a threshing machine in the barn which lay on the west bank of Tidan by the railway bridge. On the lower floor of the turbine house in the southern room there were two wooden bathtubs with showers for public bathing. On the same floor on the north side a saddler had his workshop. On the upper floor there were dwellings. The building was very modern for its time and is well preserved today with its red brick façade, crenelated gables and small corner tower.

Art Exhibitions

The building is renovated and today customised for exhibition work. During the spring, summer and autumn, various temporary art exhibitions are displayed.   


Blacksmith cottages from the 1700s

The sweet little blacksmith’s cottages that sit on Turbinhusön island are from the end of the 1700s, and many of them are decorated as they would have been at the time. Originally blacksmiths who worked at the Tidaholm Works lived in the cottages. The houses were moved from Smedjegatan (Smithy Street) to Turbinhusön in the 1940s. In summertime you can come inside and see how the cottages looked, and in one of them there is a Café.

Blacksmith Cottage Museum

Museismedstugan (the Blacksmith Cottage Museum) is a simple cottage with a recreated milieu from the turn of the century at the end of the 1700s. One part of the cottage depicts a poor home and the other part a more affluent home. Everything from wallpaper to large pieces of furniture are contemporary and it is furnished as it would have been at that time. Religious and Royal family pictures adorn the walls. The rooms were also decorated with ornaments. 

The General store cottage

The General store cottage is a semi-detached cottage. Two families lived here, each in their own room and shared a kitchen which was located in the middle. The cottage is now used in the summer as a shop with sales of handicrafts.


The so-called warehouse on Turbinhusön island was originally a parish warehouse, where groceries were stored - mainly cereals. In Kulturmagasinet an art exhibition is held in the summer and handicrafts are also displayed and sold.


Coffee house Tidaholm

When you visit Kaffestugan, you can enjoy a coffee and snack in the well-preserved blacksmith’s cottage from the 1800s, which is situated by the River Tidan on the beautiful island Turbinhusön. If you wish to sit outside, there is a large terrace in lush surroundings by the rippling water. Kaffestugan is a popular tourist destination in spring, summer and autumn, for those who look forward to a coffee break.   

Coffee break in an 1800s milieu

Kaffestugan is a centrally located summer café in leafy surroundings by the River Tidan on Turbinhusön island. The café is open during the period from April to September. The building is from the 1800s and is decorated as it would have been then. Here you can choose whether you want to take your coffee break indoors in the blacksmith’s cottage from the 1800s, or outdoors on the lovely large terrace which lies on different levels alongside the rippling water. In Kaffestugan there is a large assortment of ice cream as well as waffles, light lunches, buns, cakes and coffee.   

Pastries from Turbinen Tidaholm

All the pastries served in Kaffestugan are baked in the artisanal bakery Turbinen, which lies on the other side of River Tidan. Everything here is baked from scratch with locally produced ingredients.

Turbinen Tidaholm - Artisanal bakery by beautiful River Tidan

On Turbinhusön island, an idyll in the centre of Tidaholm on the shore of River Tidan, lies the artisanal bakery Turbinen. Turbinen’s beautiful and unique brick building is from the 1930s and here you can enjoy good food and coffee. There is plenty of seating both indoors and out, as well as a large terrace right by the river. They serve light lunches here, such as salads and quiches. At the weekends on some occasions brunches and snack buffets are arranged.