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Popular events and festivals in 2019

Here you will find the most popular events and festivals in Trollhättan and Vänersborg during 2019.


Photographer: Patrik Karlsson

Vatten- och Visfestivalen Aqua Blå - Vänersborg. June 5th - 9th.

Vatten- och Visfestivalen Aqua Blå or Water and Music Festival Aqua Blue is Vänersborg's largest festival with music and activities for the whole family. During the three day festival the otherwise tranquil town of Vänersborg turns into a vibrant festival area with five different stages, music entertainment, market, competitions, shows and lots of entertainment for young children.

Music, entertainment and activities

Enjoy entertainment from no less than five different stages, from the big stage located in the middle of the festival area to the small and cozy stage by Hamngatan street just by the canal. Don't miss the best party in Sweden under the open sky at Playa del Sanden. During the weekend there will be live music, performances, interviews, shows and much more. 

Throughout the Aqua Blå festival weekend there are lots of activities for the whole family to enjoy. Try different sports, visit the fairground, watch the competitions or enjoy the market in the town center. At the Aqua Kidz Corner the children can enjoy fun activities such as drawing competitions, family friendly shows, listen to fairy tales and see magic tricks. 

Saab Car Museum Festival - Trollhättan. June 7th - 9th.

Once again it is time for the popular Saab Car Museum Festival where Saab enthusiasts from all over the world gather to show their cars, visit the Saab Car Museum, meet other enthusiasts, listen to interesting lectures and maybe buy some Saab parts or souvenirs to bring back home. 

Come to Trollhättan and Saab Car Museum to experience nostalgia and exciting car history. More details to come.  Please check out the official Saab Car Museum Facebook page for latest information.

Photographer: Roger Lärk

Fallens Dagar - Trollhättan. July 19th - 21st.

Fallens Dagar, or The Waterfall Days is Sweden's oldest city festival with music, activities and competitions during the third weekend in July since 1959. All over the city and the famous Waterfall and Locks area there are activities and events during three days. Big and small musical performances, activities for the whole family and big competitions. 

Water in the falls and concerts 

During The Waterfall Days the Trollhättan Waterfalls are of course in focus and there are several releases of water in the falls every day during the festival. During the last release of water at 11 p.m. each day the waterfalls are beautifully illuminated.

Near the waterfall there is an activity area with local companies and associations. In the Fall and Locks area of Trollhättan there are art exhibitions, guided tours, dance performances and much more. In the city center there is also a market, street artists and from the big stage some of Sweden's biggest artist entertain festival visitors. 

Photographer: Joachim Nywall

Alliansloppet Action Week - Trollhättan. August 15th - 24th. 

Alliansloppet is the world's largest competitions for roller skis and is open for anyone who likes to challenge themselves. There are three distances to choose from; 16, 32 and 48 kilometers with competition classes at 32 km and 48 km and exercise classes at 16, 32 and 48 kilometers. There are also many other races during Alliansloppet Action Week with a mountain bike race, city trail, boxing, fencing, rugby and much more. 

Alliansloppet was founded in 2007 and since then the race has developed into a festival for recreational exercisers as well as for the elite.