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3 km, easy

Experience hiking at the foot of Hunneberg mountain in a fantastic environment with varied nature and with the mountain on one side and the open plains on the other. Kyrkstigen (Church path) runs between Vargön and Västra Tunhem.

Quick facts

Length: 3 km

Time required: 45 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Terrain: trampled nature trail


Beautiful hike along Hunneberg

Start your hike either from Floget in Västra Tunhem or Randhemsvallen in Vargön. There are good parking facilities at both ends of the path. Along the way you will find several information boards that describe the environment around you. If you then want to rest for a while, there are several benches scattered along the way where you can sit down for a while, enjoy the view and eat packed lunch.

From Floget, the path is relatively handicap-friendly approximately to Nygårdsparken park. Further towards Randhemsvallen, the terrain is a little more uneven and can be difficult for the disabled. The path is well suited for both walking and cycling all the way.

The small road filled with history

Kyrkstigen began to be used when Randhem's church was demolished in the 15th century and the people needed to go to Västra Tunhem's church instead. Along the way you can see, among other things, remnants of lime quarry and ruins of lime kilns. Limestone mining started at Hunneberg in 1754 and for about 200 years was the livelihood of many residents by the mountain. The workers blew up the rock with a hand drill and black powder. There are pillars of the rock left to support the caves.

A little closer to Västra Tunhem you will find Nygårdsparken park which further back was a castle park to Nygård's sätteri. Today there is only one large cypress in the middle of the old park.

Fact about the trail


Kyrkstigen is 3 km long, one way.

Approximate times:

Following Kyrkstigen one way takes about 45 minutes.


Kyrkstigen is easy to follow and there are several information boards along the way.

Level of difficulty:

The hike goes on well-trodden dirt paths and has an easy degree of difficulty.

Start and end:

Start either from Floget in Västra Tunhem or Randhemsvallen in Vargön.

How to get here:

If you want to start from Randhemsvallen, drive through Vargön towards Hunneberg. At Byklevsfallet, turn left. If you instead want to start from Floget, drive towards Västra Tunhem and Nygård, where you can start from the road into the Nygårdspark park nature reserve.


A digital map of the trail can be found on Google Maps. 

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