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  • Photographer: Amanda Goodison

Dalslands Alpacka

Furry alpacas, guided walks and a farm shop

Alpacas are bred on the Flybo farm just outside Vänersborg, where you can pre-book an "Alpaca experience", visit the well-stocked farm shop and buy alpaca handicrafts and garments made on site.

Pat an alpaca

Surely you or your children have dreamt of patting a furry, cute alpaca sometime? You are welcome to book one of the farm's alpaca experiences at Dalsland Alpaca, just outside Vänersborg – or just drop by to have a closer look at these lovely animals. The alpaca wool here is of very high quality and has won several awards. The farm has about thirty alpacas, as well as dogs, cats, chickens and ducks.

  • Photographer: Daniella Johansson

  • Photographer: Dalslands Alpacka

  • Photographer: Daniella Johansson

Alpaca walk and guided tour of the farm

Walking with an alpaca feels harmonious and relaxing. You walk with your own alpaca, or one alpaca for two people if you are part of a large group or if you have children under 10. An introduction to the farm, including a walk in the lovely countryside, generally takes about 1½ hours. Book the daily alpaca walk or try a yoga class in the alpaca meadow. Would you like a guided tour of the farm? There are several different packages depending on the size of the group. All visits must be booked in advance at least one day before you arrive.

  • Photographer: Dalslands Alpacka

Woolly shopping and coffee with foals

Join us for a cup of coffee in the meadow together with the alpaca mares and their sweet foals, where you can learn all about these exotic animals. Feel the soft yarn and browse among the warm, locally produced alpaca items in the farm shop. All knitted and crocheted garments are 100% Swedish and the yarn is completely natural and undyed.

For other packages, more information and booking, please go to the website.

Contact information

Dalslands Alpacka

Flybo 225

46294 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 725535600

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Website: dalslandsalpacka.se