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Activity company with adventures in hiking, running and mountain biking

Äventyr & Trail is the activity company in Trollhättan and the surrounding area, which is passionate about and wants to convey experiences in forest and land. Design your own adventure out in nature with, for example, a guided tour, dining experience or wilderness overnight stay for you, your family, friends or company.

Discover the adventure at home

The goal for Äventyr & Trail is for you to experience wonderful trails, the beautiful nature and taste sensations from local and organic products. Here, experiences are offered for those who have not yet discovered the joy of being out in nature, as well as you who are experienced but may want to discover new paths and places. The focus is on experiences and adventures in hiking, running and mountain biking, but the experience is always in the center rather than the achievement.

Guided tours to the forgotten secret paradises and natural treasures, help with wilderness overnight stays, preferably combined with food experiences. Äventyr & Trail is aimed at smaller groups both within companies and individuals. If you are a larger group, please contact Äventyr & Trail for possible solutions.

What can Äventyr & Trail do for you

Äventyr & Trail offers experiences a little out of the ordinary. Here you will discover what a fantastic and varied area Trollhättan is. Adventure with the family or on your own with a guide? Do you need someone who encourages and motivates you?

Afterwards, it can taste good with freshly baked pancakes over an open fire, for example. Äventyr & Trail arranges the food for you both as an event, maybe a birthday present for someone, corporate event, bachelor party, bachelorette party, etc. and for the family or other private groups who want to experience a little more of the wilderness.

Why not take the opportunity to document everything with a professional photographer, instead of blurred images with poor sharpness, you get professional images ready to post on social media, etc.

Watch the film Introduction Äventyr & Trail here (YouTube)

Contact information

Äventyr & Trail

Munkebo Maden 1

46191 Trollhättan

Phone: +46 0703 233 466

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