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  • Photographer: Niclas Lanz

  • Photographer: Niclas Lanz

  • Photographer: Niclas Lanz

Fishing in Lake Hallsjön

Peaceful fishing on beautiful Halleberg mountain

Lake Hallsjön is located on the table mountain Halleberg near Lake Vänern and is the only lake on the mountain. During May-October, three tons of rainbow trout are released in the lake. There are also brown trout, char, pike and perch in the lake. Here you can fish with a fishing rod, spinning rod or fly rod.

Fishing permit

In order to be allowed to fish in Lake Hallsjön you need to purchase a fishing permit, you can buy the permit either online on our booking site or at the Tourist Information Centers in Trollhättan or Vänersborg. You can also buy the permit at Fiskeshopen in Trollhättan. 

It is important that you bring the fishing permit when you go to Lake Hallsjön to fish and keep it visible when you are fishing so that fishing inspectors can easily check your permit. The inspectors go around the lake and check permits and are available to answer questions that you might have when you are there. 

The fishing permit for Lake Hallsjön is a personal card that is sold as a day pass for 175 SEK that allows you to fish in the lake between 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. When booking the permit online, a booking fee of 30 SEK is added.

Fishing rules and regulations

  • The fishing permit costs 175 SEK (+30 SEK booking fee when booking online) for one day fishing. NOTE! The Swedish Fishing License does not apply at Lake Hallsjön.
  • Fishing may only be carried out between 6.00 a.m. to 11.00 p.m. (06.00-23.00)
  • Fishing permits are personal and tied to your identity and must be filled out with name, date of birth and the date that the fishing permit will be used. Fishing permit and ID must be presented when asked by a fishing inspector. 
  • The fishing permit applies to one (1) fishing rod, alternatively a spin, reel, or fly rod. Only one fly or hook can be used at one time. 
  • A maximum of three (3) game fish is allowed to be caught per fishing permit. 
  • Fishing is only allowed from shore. It is prohibited to fish from boats or floats. Only exception is from Lake Hallsjön's handicap friendly boat when the boat has contact with the shore. 
  • It is forbidden to disturb other fishermen or to occupy fishing spots without fishing. 
  • Children under the age of 16 that are together with their guardian is allowed to fish without a fee however the maximum of three (3) game fish per permit still applies. 
  • Fishing with multiple rods require proper attention and as many fishing permits as rods.
  • The fishing inspector are provided with a special mark or card that identifies them and when asked you will have to show your fishing permit, ID, fishing gear and catch. You have to follow the inspector's instructions. If you fail to follow instructions or break fishing rules you are no longer allowed to fish in Lake Hallsjön and will be asked to leave. 
  • You are not allowed to start fires except at designated fireplaces that have been set up in the area. 

The area around Lake Hallsjön

Around the lake you will find well cleared paths and fireplaces. If you want to walk around the lake it is about 4 kilometers. Lake Hallsjön is located on Halleberg table mountain which is part of Ecopark Halleberg and Hunneberg. The two table mountains has a rich wildlife, therefore please keep in mind that breeding season for animals and birds is in the spring so be careful when exploring the area. 

Lake Hallsjön also offers services for disabled guests. If you are disabled and want to enjoy sport fishing there is a boat available, there is also a handicap-friendly dock and a toilet. 

Map over Halle- and Hunneberg mountains. 

Read more about the Swedish Rights of Public Access here. 

Contact information

Stiftelsen Bergagården


468 31 Vargön

Phone: +46 768 811 864