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Hop N Pop

Everyone is welcome, except gravity

The park at Överby in Trollhättan is 2700 m2 filled with weightless action. Challenge yourself and others in any of 14 activities. Regardless of level, background and capacity, you will be guaranteed to have fun.

Here children and teenagers can float in weightlessness side by side with parents in a whole new world. In the park there is a mix of everything from professional training to incredible childish play. Here you will find a sea of trampolines, a parkour park and a huge airbag to crash in. Or how about challenging your friends in dodgeball and basketball with bounce?

Time for a party?

Birthday party or a cheerleading party with classmates?The possibilities are endless and no matter what you celebrate and how you do, we promise that your kalas will be unforgettable.

Challenge your colleagues ... or grandpa!

Team building, board meeting, kickoff, lunch meeting, conference and customer meetings. With a twist. Start the day with an energizing breakfast meeting and end with weightless action. Or why not celebrate the weekend with a dodgemall match between colleagues? 


In addition to the many sweaty activities, you can relax in the cafe where coffee is served with a snack or grilled sandwich and smoothie.

How to get here?
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Hop N Pop

Ladugårdsvägen 29

46170 Trollhättan

Phone: +46 010 20 50 000

E-mail: trollhattan@hopnpop.se

Website: hopnpop.se/