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Majo Bar & Restaurang

Tapas restaurant and bar in the centre of Trollhättan

Families and friends, young and old, all gather at the Majo Bar & Restaurang in the centre of Trollhättan when it is time for tapas. Delicious tapas, good drinks and beautiful music – all enjoyed and shared around the dining table.


Where love and connection around the table is the main priority

Tapas is not so much a special kind of food as a style of eating - sharing with each other. 
All the food at Majo Bar & Restaurang is cooked from scratch, both hot and cold tapas and wonderful desserts. The idea is to fill the table with exciting food and drink, from all over the world. It is not a question of who eats what, but rather a feeling of sharing and togetherness around the dining table which is the main thing with tapas.

Enjoy the company of good friends in the bar

As well as a wide range of draft beers and wines by the glass, the bar also serves mixed drinks and cocktails made with fresh ingredients. Music is played at a comfortable volume so that you can talk about all of life’s fascinating issues with good friends, as well as the tapas of course!
Majo organise catering for all events from After Work and party buffets to tailored party concepts.


Contact information

Majo Bar & Restaurang

Polhemsgatan 6

46130 Trollhättan

Phone: +46 0520 14588

E-mail: info@majobar.se

Website: majobar.se