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Nordsvenska Upplevelser

Ride a horse and wagon by the beautiful lake Öresjö

Nordsvenska upplevelser offers horse and wagon experiences based at Munkeboviken, Öresjö. Join us for an extraordinary experience with your family and friends. It is also possible to book parties. During the winter, sleigh rides are also offered.

Horse and wagon

Come and take a ride with our safe North Swedish working horses. The North Swedish working horses can barley be seen outside sweden and together with us you can see them in their classic habitat. We start at Munkeboviken, Öresjö. A fantastic beach where you can swim, have a coffee or a barbecue, do some fishing or just enjoy nature.

We have two wagons to choose from. The first one is an 8-wheeler wagon that makes it extra smooth and comfortable in hilly terrain and can accommodate up to 8 adults. The other is a type called "remmalagswagon" and it seats up to about 16 people.


We have 4 different tours to choose from.

Tour 1 takes you out in a mixed terrain and takes about 1 hour with the 8-wheeler.

Tour 2 is a longer trip that takes approx. 2 hours.

Tour 3 takes about 1 hour. Here you can ride in a larger group or with family/friends if you choose  the "remmalagswagon" which accommodate up to 16 people.

Tour 4 is a shorter trip that takes about 15 minutes.

We also have a wagon for wheelchairs. 

Sleigh ride

An experience beyond the ordinary. Bring your family or do something different with your co-workers. Max 8 persons. 


For booking or questions please contact us.

Jenny Olofsson +46736952418

Agne Arnesson +46738330866

Mail. Jennyo125@hotmail.com



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