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Outdoor gym in Trollhättan

Work out for free at the city's outdoor gym

In Trollhättan, there are currently five outdoor gyms/activity areas of different character that are spread across the municipality. Here is something for everyone who wants to exercise for free in an outdoor environment.

Lantmannaparken's outdoor gym

Contents Lantmannaparken's activity area:

  • Soccer field on artificial turf
  • Gravel court for boules, for example
  • Lat pull & chest press combo: training for shoulders, biceps, chest, stomach
  • Ski stepper: training for shoulders, legs, cardio
  • InShape Push Up: training for chest, triceps, stomach, back
  • InShape Sit Up: training for the stomach
  • InShape Hyperextension: training for the back
  • Chin up & hip: training for arms, hips, shoulders, torso
  • Leg Press: training for legs, buttocks

Hjortmosseparken's outdoor gym

Contents Hjortmossen's activity area:

  • A multi-sport arena with artificial turf and a rim around that is suitable for football, floorball, basketball and other spontaneous sports.
  • Running track, 60 meter renovated track and jumping pit for long jump
  • Jumping pit
  • Dip Bar: training for chest, triceps and shoulders
  • Cross Trainer: fitness and combustion
  • Sit-Up: exercises stomach and back
  • Chest: trains chest muscles, shoulders and triceps
  • Two balance tools
  • Pull-Up: stomach, back, biceps, mobility

Berghemsparken's outdoor gym

Contents Berghemsparken's outdoor gym:

Obstacle Course with wooden obstacles in different heights, car tires, balance walkway and a wall.

  • Bench press
  • Step boards
  • Horizontal ladder
  • Stomach and back station
  • Biceps and triceps station

Spikön's outdoor gym

Contents Spikön's outdoor gym:

  • Three training tools City Art Gym: the ball, the bar, the bridge
  • Horizontal ladder for training coordination, shoulders and arms

Skidstugans outdoor gym

At Skidstugan's exercise facility in Strömslund, there is an outdoor gym that is suitable for both individual training and group training. The stations are designed together with a licensed physiotherapist and there are clear information boards at each station so you can train safely. In Skidstugan's outdoor gym, you can work through the whole body and at the same time be close to exercise tracks and ski tracks in beautiful nature. Unique to this outdoor gym are three cross-country ski poling machines where you can train your ski muscles all year round. The outdoor gym is adapted for you who are in a wheelchair.

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