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Solgården at Vänern

Cabins, conferences, camps and party rooms - something for every occasion!

At Vänern's beach, about 15 km east of Vänersborg, lies the beautiful Solgården. Solgården is a conference and camp facility with many possibilities - whether you want to rent a cabin, enjoy the beautiful nature, organize a camp, have productive meetings/conferences or invite to a party.

Meetings and conferences
Successful meetings are created in a creative environment and important decisions require peace and quiet. Solgården has all this and the surroundings are also perfect for arranging fun team building activities. Conferences, trainings, meetings and parties are held at the Yellow Pavilion, which is suitable for both small and large groups. Together we can plan everything from a quick meeting to a multi-day event.

Rent a cabin or room
Solgården is not just for groups. Rent a cabin or room and spend the day biking, swimming, hiking or just being and enjoying the tranquility of the cabin porch.

Solgården's swimming area is open to the public, but there is no lifeguard.

Camp and leisure activities
Solgården is an ideal place for both large and small camp and leisure activities. During May to September, the possibilities are endless. But even during colder months we are open for fellowship indoors.

Solgården is owned and operated by the Resident's association Solgården.

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Hyresgästföreningen Solgården

Gaddesanna 270

46890 Vänersnäs

Phone: +46 104591413

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