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Taxi Väst

Taxi company in Vänersborg that is also located in 13 other cities in West Sweden

Taxi Väst is a taxi company that is located in 14 cities in the West Sweden area, one of which is Vänersborg. The company offers much more than just personal transportation. If you are a large group you can book a bus or if you need something delivered or picked up, Taxi Väst can help you.

Taxi Väst - a real taxi company

Taxi Väst can help you get to school, to a doctors appointment, to work, the café, gym, party, to the countryside or wherever you need to go. Taxi Väst also offers several services in addition to taxi service. Here you can order a wheelchair taxi, taxi with fixed price to the airport or something extra with a luxurious Comfort cab for you and your friends. 

Contact information

Taxi Väst

Marierovägen 25

462 37 Vänersborg

Phone: +46 0521 459000