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Trollhättan's Hyrverk

Transfer to the airport or train station by carpooling

Trollhättan's Hyrverk is a company that has been in business for generations. The company is based around transfer via carpooling in order to keep prices down and also less environmental impact.

Trollhättan's Hyrverk helps you get to your flight or train in time

The company Trollhättan's Hyrverk is based around carpooling. You share transfer with other travelers heading for the airport or train station at the same time. It is thanks to the carpooling principle that Trollhättan's Hyrverk can keep prices at the relatively low levels they have today. Moreover, the fact that it is more environmently friendly to travel together makes it even better. Remember to make your reservation on time, due to the fact we only accept pre-bookings. 

Of course it is also possible to book your own car if you want. However because carpooling is the most common type of booking, you have must explicity say at the time of the booking that you want your own car. 

Contact information

Trollhättans Hyrverk

Industrigatan 5

461 37 Trollhättan

Phone: +46 0520 479960

E-mail: Send e-mail

Website: trollhattanshyrverk.se