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Practical information

Are you looking for accommodation, or a nice restaurant with great food to stop at while you’re on your cycle tour? Do you want to rent a bike or you just want to learn more about the right of public access we have in Sweden? Here you find some practical information about the Ätradal trail.

Sleep and eat well

Are you looking for accommodation, or a nice restaurant with great food to stop at while you’re on your cycle tour? Here  you find a map with details of  the many restaurants, cafes and places to stay that you’ll find along the way. 

Don’t forget to check opening times at the attractions and other destinations you want to visit. It’s also a good idea to book accommodation in advance.

Rent a bike
A good place to begin your tour if you’re hiring bikes is Ulricehamn. Bryggans hire centre has a large range of bikes including 7 speed ladies bikes, children’s bikes and bike trailers. If you want to start your cycle tour somewhere you can’t hire bikes you can book delivery of bikes from Bryggans hire centre. This costs 500 SEK plus 28 SEK per 10 km, and the same price applies if you want the bikes collected at the end. This can be convenient if you just want to cycle one stage of the Sjuhärad Trail for instance.

Travel with bike

If you are travelling with your own bike and are not arriving by car, you can usually take the bike on board Västtrafik’s buses and trains. Avoid travelling at busy times as this is dependent on there being space available.

The right of public access

The right of public access is a unique opportunity to move freely out in nature. The right also includes the obligation to take care and show consideration – both to the nature and flora and fauna, to the landowners and to other people out in the country.
In other words, do not disturb – do not damage

You can go anywhere on foot, on your bike, skates or skis – as long as there is no risk of harming crops, forestry plantations or other sensitive ground. You must respect people’s private life and you must not cross or stop on private ground.

When you cross grazing land, you must be careful to close any gates behind you. Respect the animal and bird life. And take your rubbish home with you! Remember that the right to public access is limited in national parks and nature reserves. As a visitor in nature, it is your responsibility to know what applies in the area you are visiting.