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  • Photographer: Jesper Anhede

  • Photographer: Jesper Anhede

  • Photographer: Plats! designbyrå

Esti - Bönor & Bröd

Culinary creations promoting local producers

Step inside! The café is rather like a fresh farm shop in the middle of West Sweden's fields of grain, farmers and cultivators. Enjoy breakfast here, or a coffee break, brunch or lunch. Many of the ingredients in the creations come from small local producers, and their products are labelled with a heart in the menu. Take the opportunity to participate in a coffee tasting session.

Love the local area

Esti has a colourful interior and a welcoming, cheerful atmosphere. You can’t miss the owners’ love of the surrounding area and its produce. The walls are covered with pictures of scratching hens, talking pigs and decorative typography with happy exclamations in the local dialect. You can buy eggs by weight, organic honey and many other local products.

More than just a cup of coffee

You are served with excellent coffee at Esti. The coffee beans are carefully selected and slowly roasted to ensure that the coffee develops all its unique, wonderful flavours. Go to a coffee tasting session at Esti to taste original coffee and discover how much difference there is between different coffee sorts.

Contact information

Esti - Bönor & Bröd

Stora Torget 3

53431 Vara

Phone: +46 512 103 01