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  • Mountain Bike at Lassalyckan

    Mountain biking and downhill in West Sweden


Make the most of the forests in West Sweden from your saddle. Choose from pulse-racing mountain bike trails, bike parks, pump tracks and downhill.


Forest adventure outside Bengtsfors in Dalsland.


- Untouched nature and magnificent views! 

Dalsland is known for its fantastic views, lakes and forests. The Bengtsfors MTB area is excellent to explore under your own steam. On the one hand is the freedom of lots of great trails that offer good cycling with varying degrees of difficulty, on the other, there is the mountain bike competition Dalsland X-country, which starts and finishes in Bengstfors. There are two courses, one at 57 kilometres and one at 35 kilometres long.

- The courses offer superb views, winding trails by the lakes and picturesque gravel roads. The track is not technically difficult so anyone can cycle it, says Crister Blüme, who is responsible for operations at Camp Dalsland.

Challenging MTB track in Kinnekulle

Kinnekulle, Götene

– Up and down the mountain!

Across Lake Vänern you can see the landmark Kinnekulle. A mountain surrounded by plains that are often referred to as a cycling paradise. The Kinnekulle MTB trail, which is 45 kilometres long, is a classic. It starts from the top of Kinnekulle and then follows the shores of Lake Vänern back up again. The trail is not technically difficult but contains a lot of elevation gain so it can be challenging that way. But the view is magnificent, and it is a popular route for cycling enthusiasts.

High speed pump track in Billingen

Billingen, Skövde

– Pump track and beautiful scenery!

Billingen in Skövde offers a nature experience close to the city. There are a total of 28 kilometers of mountain bike trails and also a bike park and pump track with banked curves, berms and obstacles. Old and young are welcome to the park and on the pump track you can also use your skateboard, scooter and inline skates.

Skövde cycling club also arranges the Billinge race in May every year, where you can test your skills in the saddle. Among freshly cut birch trees and white anemones, you get to experience both single track, running tracks and steep climbs.

Adventure for the whole family at Lassalycken

Lassalyckan, Ulricehamn

– Family friendly cycling trails!

Lassalyckan's outdoor area in Ulricehamn has excellent mountain bike trails. It is also a certified Vasaloppet centre, which places high demands on training opportunities for skiing, running and mountain biking because Vasaloppet includes all three disciplines. There are four different trails between three and 15 kilometres that are marked with different colours, where you can find both hilly and technical challenges as well as easier routes.

There is also a popular pump track at Lassalyckan where young and old can get their adrenaline rush between jumps and berms.

Mösseberg, Falköping

– Cycling centre for all cyclists!

Cykelcentrum Mösseberg in Falköping is a perfect meeting place for anyone who likes cycling. Open landscapes, challenging plateau mountains or picturesque winding roads, Mösseberg has cycling for everyone from beginners to elite cyclists. There are three challenging MTB tracks of 0.6, 2.5 and 3.5 km. On the bicycle centre's website, you can find tips and inspiration for bicycle-friendly accommodation and scenic routes around Falköping.

Find more nearby cycling areas: MTB trails in Skaraborg

Bjursjön in Uddevalla


Great trails in a splendid environment!

Welcome to the wonderful mountain bike trails in Uddevalla. In the outdoor area around Bjursjön, Uddevalla Cycling Club, in partnership with the municipality, has created several nice bike trails. There are four trails that run on paths as well as forest and gravel roads. The trails are graded according to technical difficulty.

Child friendly bike park in Strömstad


– Bike park and forest tour!

Lagunen Camping on the West Coast has built its own bike park just a stone's throw from the campsite. There are technical surfaces, pump track and flow tracks. To reach the park, you cycle through a beautiful forest area on good bike trails. This is a perfect activity for families with children who want to combine camping life with fun mountain biking!


8 tips for your bike trip

1. Take plenty of water, on some tracks it can be miles to the nearest water.

2. Remember that you get around quickly in the saddle but it takes a long time to walk back the same way. Be sure to bring a small repair kit and be able to handle a puncture.

3. Wear goggles. Twigs and mosquitoes hurt when they get in your eyes.

4. Wear a helmet! Obviously!

5. For a comfortable trip – invest in some cycling shorts with a padded butt!

6. Observe, respect, and take care. Stop, dismount, greet and move to the side when you meet hikers, horse riders, and animals (domestic animals or game).

7. Do not cycle if the weather and/or the season make the trails sensitive and easily damaged. Respect the landowner!

8. Last but not least; if you are unsure where you are able or allowed to ride a mountain bike, contact the local tourist information.


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