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Steam Boat Tours with S/S Nossan

S/S Nossan takes you for a steam boat tour in beautiful environment.

How about a pleasant journey through scenic landscape, surrounded by an amazing vegetation? A tour with the steam boat Nossan S/S is truly one of Essunga's great prides! NOTE! Tours are open during the summer season only!

The enthusiastic steam boat association offers steam boat tours during summer in the river Nossan. The staff on the boat will guide you along the journey with events from now and the past. To summarize, you will both be told about the sights along the journey as well as anecdotes from the history of the countryside and the boat.

The steam boat is approved for a maximum of 12 passengers per tour, competent master as well as helmsman/stoker/guide included. Brought meals can be taken aboard the steam boat, steam boat pavilion or on the bridge. Steam boat association always tries to arrange wished trip! 

A tour with S/S Nossan is truly a time travel, the fragrant from the wood fuel steam engine, the calm pace, along with the untouched and beautiful surroundings of Nossan.  Read more about steam boat tours with S/S Nossan!

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