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  • Photographer: Happy Visuals / Tim Kristenson

  • Photographer: Öckerö BNE

​Midsummer guide Gothenburg archipelago
Welcome to stay for the day or overnight!
In 2022, the Midsummer’s Eve is celebrated on Friday June 24.

Photocred: Tullhuset

Midsummer guide Gothenburg archipelago

Björkö island
On Thursday at 17:00, everyone is welcome to gather at Björkövallen to pick leaves and flowers for the maypole. Midsummer’s Eve is celebrated at Björkövallen, starting at 16:00. Dancing around the maypole, lotteries, children’s activities, chocolate wheels, crayfish wheels and café.

Rörö island
On Midsummer’s Eve everyone is welcome to participate in decorating the maypole, beginning at 10:00 in the morning. At 14:00 you gather in a parade and walk together from the school to the park, before the dancing around the maypole, which begins at 15:00.

Knippla island
The Midsummer’s Eve will be celebrated in the harbour. Traditional games, lotteries, children’s activities, chocolate wheels, coffee, drinks and ice cream.

Hyppeln island
Midsummer’s Eve, starting in the morning at 09:30 at Bödeboa with decorating the maypole on the football pitch.
15:00-17:00–Midsummer celebration on the football pitch. Lotteries, café, chocolate wheel, children’s activities and much more. At 16:00 the maypole will be raised.

Midsummer’s Day, June 25, at 15:00–16:30. Dancing, café, lotteries, chocolate wheels. At 17:00 midsummer final with a duck race in the harbour.

Öckerö island
On Midsummer’s Eve you can celebrate Midsummer at the local folklore centre Öckerö Hembygdsgård, at 14:00, with dancing around the maypole, music, coffee and ice cream.

Hälsö island
On Midsummer’s Eve, you gather in the harbour in the morning at 10:00 to set up the tents and get ready for the evening. In the afternoon the Midsummer celebration starts with dancing around the maypole and much more. More information will come.

Fotö island
Midsummer’s Eve starts at 10:00 in the morning with decorating maypole, everyone is welcome. The Midsummer celebration starts at 15:00, lotteries, entertainment, coffee, competitions and much more.

Hönö island
Take the boat Kungsö from Stenpiren terminal in Gothenburg to Hönö, stroll among shops and fishing boats and enjoy good food in the restaurants. These restaurants will be open the whole Midsummer weekend, Skärgårdshotellet, Tullhuset, Franses and Lilling Cottage. A short walk to Hönö heden harbour, the dance starts at 15.30. 

Vrångö island 
On the southern islands there will be a celebration on Vrångö. Take a ferry to the island from Saltholmen terminal. On Vrångö you dress the maypole at 10:00 in the morning. The Midsummer celebration begins at 15:00. Vrångö will be visited by the children’s favourite duo Allgott & Villgott, who will perform a show. Lotteries, children’s activities, and a small-scale selling of the Vrångö bread.

Brännö island 
Take a ferry to the island from Saltholmen terminal. Friday on Brännö you dress the maypole at 10:00 in the morning. The Midsummer celebration begins at 15.45 from Brännö store, a short walk together to the maypole. Dancing around the maypole and much more at 16-18. Lotteries, children’s activities.