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The Edible Country

Make food together with good friends, discover new and exciting ingredients and get as close to nature in West Sweden as its possible to be. With The Edible and the Drinkable Country we’re opening up so you can enjoy a fantastic combination of nature, local food and drinks. Visit Sweden, in collaboration with the regional tourist organisations, has placed handmade wooden tables around Sweden that are bookable between May and September.

Here in West Sweden you’ll find two tables: one out on the unique rocky landscapes of Ramsvik in Bohuslän and one in a leafy wooded grove right by the Göta Canal. There are, in other words, two completely different places to choose from!

The Edible Country

GÖTA CANAL. The table stands in a shady forest glade right next to the canal. It’s within walking distance of Norrqvarn Hotel & Conference. Anyone booking the table by the Göta Canal can look forward to a truly memorable experience. First class ingredients and one of Sweden’s most visited attractions. 

The Edible and The Drinkable Country

RAMSVIK. The view from the edge of the table is of the grey/pink granite outcrops, and an open sea as far as the eye can see. Booking the unique table on Ramsvikslandet in Bohuslän, presents you with a fabulous combination - nature’s own ingredients, salt sprayed aromas, and smooth sea rocks. 

Food journey in Bohuslän

Nicole Jacobsen and Gustaf Björlin visited Bohuslän to film inspiring material for their YouTube channel, Badass Food Stories. You can see all the films below in the article.