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  • Fotograf: Irina Peleckienes


Utställning på Glasets Hus

Konstutställning Glas med Irina Peleckiene på Glasets Hus

Möt vår Artist in recedence Irina Peleckiene från Litauen. Mellan 9/9 till 25/9 finner ni hennes glasverk och installationer i vår konsthall. 

"The transit goes on forever, there are only different starting points. Lately, the word transit has been often inflected. It seems that the streak of obstacles stretches for ages and the dark side of human beings has turned back. Global events have gained momentum and each of us feels not only as a unit, but also as a common part of the world. Responsibility, the question of the future, survival, and the confrontation with eternity are more meaningful than ever. We have to believe that every transition has a bright side, as it marks a new beginning, a rethinking of values. The exhibition includes a cycle of 20-22 works from the recent period, which is complemented by several previous works that fit into the context. The beginning of the cycle - Sfumato-transition is the theme of transition, the transformation that is accompanied by an "unfocused" inner state, a future that is floating in uncertainty. Transition. Ad infinitum is a continuation of Sfumato-transition, as well as a new exposition too which is formed from both expositions as a whole that are put into one installation. The author of the sound is Tėja Peleckaite (Theya LeRoy), whose interpretation is intertwined with my visual one. 20-22 years is also the time spent in Limmared Glasshouse - a creative stage as well as my personal transit. I am thankful to the Limareds team and the local glass community. Most importantly, special thanks to Bevan Taka."


Glasets Hus

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