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USA:s skidlandslag i Ulricehamn

När det är dags för världscuptävlingar i Ulricehamn kommer det en del långväga gäster. Några av de som rest längst väg för att komma till oss i Västsverige är det Amerikanska landslaget. Vi ställde några frågor om vad atleterna från USA känner för sitt Ulricehamnsbesök.

USA deltog i FIS Cross-Country World Cup Ulricehamn 2017 och kommer tillbaka även denna gången. Något som de ser mycket fram emot!

- How is it to come to Sweden to compete?
As a team, we really love to be in Sweden.  It’s a country where so many people speak English, so it’s very easy for us to communicate and operate!  More importantly, it’s a country of friendly, welcoming people who are knowledgeable and passionate about cross country skiing.  We always feel welcome in Sweden, which makes us feel at home.

- What was the best during the World Cup Ulricehamn in 2017?
I believe the thing we remember most about the Ulricehamn World Cup in 2017 was the number of spectators at the races, and the incredible atmosphere surrounding the races.  There are very few World Cup races that can boast that kind of fan turn-out and atmosphere.  As an athlete, it’s a lot of fun to race in front of so many people, and it becomes a validation of the hard work of many years of training and racing.  As a coach or staff member you feel the energy of race environment, and that makes the event that much more electric and dramatic.

- What are You looking forward to this time?
We hope to see lots of spectators once again. The event schedule with 10/15 km F on Saturday and Relays on Sunday is very good for the USA.  These are some of the best event formats for us, especially our women’s team.  In 2017, the women’s team missed a relay podium by less than a second, as I recall.  The women will be looking to avenge that result in 2019! 

- What do You think of Ulricehamn?
It’s a beautiful little town and we had a lot of fun exploring it and getting to know the people in 2017.  We also really appreciated the hard-working volunteers who were giving their time to the World Cup Organizing Committee; these are people who are passionate about cross country ski racing, and they really took incredible care of our team.  The USA team spends the entire winter on the road in Europe (mid-November through late March), without going home, so we love to be in venues, and around people, who make us feel at home.

- What do you think when you hear the word Ulricehamn?
Great people and great fans!