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Photographer: Smögens Fiske & Skärgårdsturer

Locally produced food

The Klev Farm just outside Bovallstrand. The Christensson family have been doing responsible farming here since 1921. Among other things on the farm there is a barn that houses 6000 free-range laying hens. Fresh eggs are for sale in the farm shop as well as the rape-seed oil produced on the farm.

Fresh fish andseafood

have put Sotenäs on the map and are well known all over the country. Many large fishmongers offer top quality delicacies from the sea. Clas has opted to visit one of the smaller fishmongers, Hartvigssons Fish and Shellfish in Kungshamn. Bengt Hartvigsson catches a large part of the produce for sale in the shop from his own fishing boat LL677 Ocean. Incidentally, the boat is moored in the harbour just outside the shop.

– It is not difficult to prepare nice food when you have the pantry just around the corner, says Clas and with a smile he looks impressed with the supply available at Hartvigson´s fish store. Crayfish, fresh Smögen prawns, fillet of cod, halibut and other delicious species of fish. Everything is super fresh.

Lilla Glassverkstan

is located just outside Kungshamn, opposite Johannesvik´s Camping.The Rokicki family produces a most wonderful ice-cream. It is all produced using local ingredients in the small ice-cream factory. There is also a café outside as well as an area for the children to play.


Our roadtrip continues to Kustcharken in Askum. Locally produced freshly aged meat, home-made sau