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Discover West Sweden & Gothenburg

There are many well known places to visit in West Sweden, and even more you’ve not heard of yet, to discover. Go on an adventure holiday in Bohuslän, Dalsland, Västergötland and the city of Gothenburg. Find inspiring getaways and family breaks for food, outdoor adventures, culture and more.

Tour Operators

Book a tailor made holiday - it couldn't be more convenient. Let yourself be inspired by great travel offers from our partners. Here you'll find a selection of UK tour operators selling holidays to Gothenburg and West Sweden.

Climate-smart holidays

Did you know that you can have a sustainable holiday without compromising on the experience? It’s easy if you book a package with one of our recommended small scale family businesses, where everything is sustainable, from accommodation, food and activities to transport.

Green Traveller's climate smart holiday

Richard Hammond from Green Traveller visited West Sweden with writer Sarah Baxter, from The Guardian. Read about their climate smart holiday through our region.

Archipelago outside Hönö/ Fotö Islands

Explore destinations close to Gothenburg

We’ve chosen eight destinations close to the city that are especially worth a visit. You can easily and quickly reach all of them with public transport. 

72h cabin

Unique stays

Sleep under the stars in a 72 h cabin, stay in an old light house at Pater Noster, or why not in a tree top hotel. Check out our top list and find your favorite place to stay. 

Discover the region of contrast

West Sweden