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Stanna hemma om du är sjuk, tvätta händerna ofta, håll avstånd och undvik att resa kollektivt. Tillsammans bromsar vi smittspridningen av covid-19.

For the latest updates regarding the corona virus (COVID-19), read the information put together by The Public Health Agency of Sweden  

  • Photographer: Smögens Fisketurer

  • Photographer: Smögen Sailing

  • Photographer: sotenäs turism

Outdoor Activities

There is a lot of outdoor activities in this part of Bohuslän. Diving, kayaking, walking and fishing is fantastic ways of discover our landscape.

The Bohuslän archipelago is ranked one of the worls´s top ten wilderness areas by CNN and you can experience it by kayaking or by a boat tour. In the summer we have a lot of boat tours. You can go the the island Hållö, on a seal safari, or on a organised tour to fish for mackerel, lobster and crayfish.

The waters around Sotenäs are great for diving. You can snorkel more or less anywhere, and you can go out with divingboats from Smögen and Kungshamn.

In Sotenäs we have fantastic walkingtrails. Soteleden is a 70 km long trail, and you can choose 20 differnt paths. There is also a lot of trails on our nature reserves, and we can recommend you to take a trip to Ramsvik, a beautiful place on the rocks.

There is a lot of other things to do, like playing golf, visit a spa, cycling and take a dip in the sea.

Welcome to enjoy!