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  • Photographer: Jonas Ingman


Coastal village with popular islets for swimming

Walk around the genuine turn-of-the-century buildings and enjoy swimming off the popular islets. Bovallstrand, just north of Smögen and once known for its fishing and stonemasonry, is now a popular tourist destination around the year.

Rocks and green meadows in Bohuslän

The picturesque village of Bovallstrand is beautifully situated on the Bohuslän coast where Bottnafjorden flows into Västerhavet. To the south lies Hunnebostrand and to the north is Hamburgsund. You can reach the village by land or sea, using the old parish road or the coastal fairway. You are greeted by high Bohuslän rocks and green meadows whichever route you take to Bovallstrand. Many authentic buildings from the early 1900s remain in the village, with their distinctive wooden features. Bovallstrand was once renowned for its stone masons, as can be seen from all the terrace walls, steps, gate posts and veranda pillars in cut stone.

Bovallstrand’s famous islets

Towards the sea you will find Bovallstrand’s famous islets for swimming, connected to each other and the land by bridges. There is everything here from sandy beaches and smooth rocks to bathing piers and diving towers. A walk in the village is recommended, where you can feel the history all around you in the streets and alleys and the beautiful houses with period features in wood and stone. Bovallstrand offers concerts and art exhibitions as well as historic buildings and lovely swimming spots. There is a traditional Christmas market here with lotteries, food and handicrafts galore. Home-made bread, seasonal sweets and other delicacies for Christmas can be bought at the market.

Photographer: Rickard Grenander

From fishing and stonemasonry to seaside resort

There are lots of ancient monuments nearby in Hogsäm and Heljeröd - rock carvings, a grave-field and a stone circle - showing that people have lived in the region since the Stone Age. Until the mid-1900s the village was dependent on fishing, cargo and stonemasonry, but when the herring disappeared Bovallstrand became a popular seaside resort instead. Unlike many other Swedish resorts, though, visitors came from working and lower middle class families. These days everyone is welcome to enjoy the small, charming village and its surroundings.

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